Sunday, September 23, 2012

Squid Pins ~ Made in USA

Betcha Captain Nemo would've worn this!

Our Painted Squid Pins

These gorgeous and unusual squid pins are made in Washington and Idaho by a team of U.S. artists. The high-quality lapel pins or oversized tie tacks are unique. They are exquisitely detailed; the quality of the painting elevates each pin to an item of wearable art. Each one is cast in pewter and painted by hand. You will be delighted with the professional quality and artistic details of your piece of fish jewelry. The finish is extremely smooth and shiny, as you can see by the highlight from the scanner. It is also extremely durable. The pin is secured by two sturdy tacks on the back so it stays upright, and the finished product is not only gorgeous, but satisfyingly substantial in weight. It can be used as a lapel pin, hat pin, tie tack, and more. This collectible animal pin is heirloom quality, and the details are so realistic, they are found in museum gift shops and bought by organizations in need of the perfect animal to represent their group.

About Squid

There are approximately 300 species of squid. All squid have similar body arrangements, with a distinct head, eight arms plus two longer tentacles, and the ability to squirt ink into the water as a defence against predators. Most modern squid are no more than two feet long, although giant squid may reach lengths of 43 feet and colossal squid are estimated to reach an astonishing 46 feet long! In 2007, a colossal squid weighing over 1,000 pounds was caught by a New Zealand fishing ship, and represents the largest scientifically documented cephalopod on record.

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