Thursday, September 27, 2012

Salmon Pins ~ Made in USA

Looking for the perfect gift for your fisherman? Here it is!!!

Our Hand-painted Salmon Pins

These gorgeous and unusual salmon pins are made in Washington and Idaho by a team of U.S. artists. The high-quality lapel pins or oversized tie tacks are unique. They are exquisitely detailed; the quality of the painting elevates each pin to an item of wearable art. Each one is cast in pewter and painted by hand. You will be delighted with the professional quality and artistic details of your piece of fish jewelry. The finish is extremely smooth and shiny, as you can see by the highlight from the scanner. It is also extremely durable. The pin is secured by two sturdy tacks on the back so it stays upright, and the finished product is not only beautiful, but satisfyingly substantial in weight. It can be used as a lapel pin, hat pin, tie tack, and more. This collectible animal pin is heirloom quality, and the details are so realistic, they are found in museum gift shops and bought by organizations in need of the perfect animal to represent their group.

About Sockeye Salmon

The third most common Pacific salmon species, Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) are found in the northern Pacific Ocean and rivers that discharge into it. Sockeye salmon also exist in completely land-locked populations, living and reproducting in lakes. These salmon, while exactly the same species, are known as kokanee. Kokanee tend to be much smaller than the ocean-dwelling salmon, rarely exceeding 14 inches in length. Sockeye salmon spawn in fresh water, then migrate to the ocean for 1 - 4 years. While in the ocean, Sockeye salmon are blue-tinged and silver in color, only taking on the distictive red hue and green head when migrating to spawn. In males, the jaws and teeth also become hooked, and are used primarily for fighting other males. Sockeye salmon feed primarily on plankton, and will occasionally feast on shrimp and insects. The word "sockeye" comes from the Halkomelem word "Suk-kegh", meaning red fish.

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Catherine Todd said...

Wow! This a beautiful blog; love the background and colors. And especially love the pins and things! Fantastic!

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