Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Specials, Oddball, Unique and Limited-Quantity Items

Add this special figurine to your collection today!


This page is for those animal toys, replicas, and animal art collectibles that come to us now and again - they are too good to turn down, and too few to make sense in our regular store. . . .

About Tapirs

There are four species of tapir, and the babies of all species are marked with their distinguishing spots and stripes. They can stand and walk almost immediately, and they quickly begin to explore their world with amusing curiosity. It takes a gestation period of about 13 months for a pair to produce one baby. Can you believe that? It's one of the longest gestation periods among mammals. Even horses give birth after about 11 months. Because only one baby is born per pregnancy, and because the gestation period is so long, the tapirs are said to have a long "recruitment period." This means that for every tapir that is killed in the wild (or that dies of natural causes), it takes a very long time to replace that animal. This is one reason why hunting and destruction of habitat are so devastating to the Earth's dwindling population of tapirs. You can purchase this beaded tapir, take it home, and be proud not only to have a beautiful, unique, hand-made work of art, but also to know that your purchase keeps the Tapir Preservation Fund going so we can support tapir conservation in the field.

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