Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Realistic Plastic Manatee

We've got 'em back at TPF!

Our Plastic Manatee

This solid plasic manatee by Safari, Ltd., is realistic-looking, with gray folds and facial details molded into the plastic. The features such as flippers, eyes, and even the folds, are enhanced with paint. Each one has its name ("manatee") moulded on the bottom, and each comes with an informational tag. Our manatee replica inoffensive and friendly-looking like their live counterparts. Priced affordably, these life-like miniature manatees are great for personal animal collections, school projects and dioramas, or they can be used as toys.

About Manatees

In the wild, there are three species of manatee: (Genus - Trichechus) West Indian, West African, and Amazonian. All three are endangered and protected by international law. They are gentle, slow moving marine mammals which spend most of their time searching underwater for edible plants. They can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and eat about 100 pounds of aquatic plants per day. Be sure to check out our other manatee toys and gifts.

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