Sunday, April 22, 2012

Plastic Jaguar Action Figure

Use this toy and your imagination to explore the mysteries of the Amazon!

Our Plastic Jaguar Action Figure

Made of light-weight hollow plastic, this jaguar action figure has movable head, legs and tail (the head moves forward and back). The length given here of 3 1/4 inches does not include the tail. Although it is sturdy, the pieces could possibly come loose so this toy is NOT recommended for very small children. It makes a nice addition to your big cat collection, is great for school projects, dioramas, as a toy for older kids or grown-ups, party favors, etc. To see our entire collection of action figures, check out our Animal Action Figures page. Be sure to look over our other jaguar toys and gifts.

About Jaguars

The jaguar (Panthera onca) lives in the rainforests of Mexico, Central and South America. An important totem animal for the Maya and Aztecs, the jaguar has captivated the human imagination right up to the present day. Beautiful and powerful, the jaguar has a remarkably majestic bearing whether lying in wait on a branch, prowling through the rainforest, drinking at a river, or, letting someone know they've come too close!

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