Monday, April 23, 2012

Plastic Orangutan Action Figure

I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo!                
                                         I wanna walk like like you...too-hoo-hoo!
You see it's troo-hoo-hoo!                                       
An ape like me-hee-hee                         
                                 Can learn to be hoo-oo-oo-man too-hoo-hoo!"
King Louie, Disney's The Jungle Book

Our Plastic Orangutan Action Figure

Our plastic orangutan stands 3 1/8 inches tall in the position you see in the photo. It can balance on two feet with arms in the air, can be placed to appear to swing from a branch (brachiating), or it can appear to walk on all four feet or climb a tree. Made of light-weight hollow plastic, this orangutan has movable arms, legs, and head (the head moves forward and back). It makes a nice addition to your primate collection, is nice for birthday parties and favors, school projects, can be given as a gift or used as a toy. Make sure to check out our other orangutan toys and gifts.

About Orangutans

The orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) are now found only in northern Sumatra and Borneo. In the Malay languge, orangutan means "Man of the forest. Right now, the biggest problem for orangutans in the wild is loss of forest habitat. The species is now fully protected by law throughout its range, but enforcement is difficult in remote areas

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