Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plastic Orange Sea Star

A regular at every tide pool!

Our Plastic Orange Sea Star

Our Orange Sea Star will add a colorful splash to your sea-life diorama or school project. You'll find it useful for undersea dioramas, school projects, toys, novelties, animal collections, party favors and more. Our plastic sea star is for decoration or play only. It does not float, and should NOT be put in your aquarium. However, you can make an awesome sea-life or aquarium shoebox diorama using this and other plastic aquatic creatures and mammals, sharks, fish, sea turtles, birds, and decor from our gift shop. There is no mess, no feeding, and no tank cleaning :)

This attractive sea star is made of tough, flexible plastic, measuring about 2 inches between the farthest points. The top is bright orange, and the underside is dark gray. Check out our terrific selection of sea star toys and gifts.

About Sea Stars

Starfish are not really fish. They are spiny invertebrates called echinoderms. To avoid confusion, biologist prefer to call them "sea stars." Other echinoderms are sea urchins, sand dollars and sea cucumbers.

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