Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stuffed Toy Woolly Mammoth Mother

A remarkable creature from Earth's past!

Our Plush Woolly Mammoth

We think this stuffed woolly mammoth toy is exceptional. It is so lifelike and compelling. Although it is made of synthetic materials, it looks real. This beautifully detailed woolly mammoth measures 16 long, 6 1/2 inches wide and 12 inches high to the top of the head. The animal's tusks are made of soft short-napped fabric. The designer of this unique line of stuffed animals takes pride in the European heritage of his realistic animal design. Each piece is hand-cut and stitched.

This is not your ordinary stuffed animal. Our plush woolly mammoth has the charm and quality you'll want to keep for a lifetime. It is the kind of toy your child will remember for years to come. It is the kind of "pet" a young child will want to name and create his or her own stories about.

The literature says, "The magical kingdom of Hansa plush was originally created for the most exclusive European clientele. Europeans have treasured these lifelike heirloom creatures for over twenty years. . . . Each Hansa piece is a handcrafted masterpiece, lovingly designed from portraits of real animals. The 'skin' for each of these marvelous beasts is hand-cut and trimmed, never stamped out by machine. The fabric for spotted and striped animals is custom designed and specially manufactured in small lots to Hansa's exacting specifications."

To find our other Hansa stuffed toy animals, or see our entire inventory of stuffed animals, stuffed beanies and plush hand puppets, check out our Stuffed Animal Page. Be sure to see our other mammoth- and elephant-related toys and gifts.

About Woolly Mammoths

The woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) is perhaps the best-known species of mammoth. The earliest bone records of this species are around 150,000 years old, and it went extinct over most of its range approximately 10,000 years ago. A race a dwarf woolly mammoths existed on Wrangel Island off the coast of Russia until roughly 3700 years ago. Amazingly, many specimens of woolly mammoth remains are not fossilized, but are frozen organic matter.

Fully-grown woolly mammoths could be as tall as 13 feet and weighed nearly 9 tons. It’s named for the thick coat of shaggy hair which could grow to over three feet in length and was probably shed in the summer months. Unlike modern elephants, the woolly mammoth had numerous glands under its skin that secreted fatty grease into the mammoth’s hair. These characteristics, along with a typical fat layer nearly three inches thick, gave the woolly mammoth excellent insulation against both wet and cold weather conditions.

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