Sunday, December 23, 2012

Warthog Jewelry

Whatever your personal totem, we have the bling for you!

Our Aluminum Warthog Jewelry

Any item can be ordered in a variety of colors. These delightful warthogs are made by Corinna Bechko, who is not only an artist, but has worked at the Los Angeles Zoo in the research division. She attended the Jewelry Arts Academy in Manhattan. What a lucky day it was for us when she discovered our web site and suggested we might want to see the jewelry she makes!

Customers have a wide variety of choices. Pendants and earrings come with a bead. Corinna will try to find any color you want, so bead choices are almost endless. The warthog itself comes in a variety of colors as listed in the drop-down menu above. The shiny eye is the core color of the aluminum Corinna uses. You will find examples of the earrings, pins and pendants and some color combinations, as well as the other animal types we sell, on our page of Aluminum Jewelry.

This jewelry is sturdy and light weight, and measure over 1.25 inches from nose to tail. The pendants hang on a 17-inch black silk cord (included). You color choice can be made up quickly - probably in only a few days.

About Warthogs

Famous for the large warts on their face (very prominent on males), the warthog is one of the smallest species of pig, length--3 to 4.9 feet, height--30 inches at the shoulder, weight--110 to 330 pounds. Their heads, however, are proportionately much larger than other pigs, 1/6 of the length of their body. Warthogs are gray to brown in color with stiff bristles sparsely scattered over their bodies. Down the center of their back is a long mane of hair. They have a tuft of bristles on the end of their long tail that is ideal for flicking away flies, but can be held straight up when alarmed. Their legs are longer than most pigs enabling them to run up to 30 miles per hour, yet they have to kneel to graze. Warthogs have 2 sets of tusks. A long, curved set grows from their upper jaw and a small razor-sharp set grows from their lower jaw. Acute hearing and a good sense of smell help to offset the warthog's poor eyesite. There are actually two species of warthog, the common warthog and the desert warthog. Like camels and desert gazelles, they can live in areas without water for several months, the only pigs able to do so. Be sure to look over our other pig family toys and gifts.

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