Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stuffed Bed Bug

Just look at those eyes! Who WOULDN'T want to cuddle up to him!?!

Our Stuffed Bed Bug

This lovely, realistic-looking stuffed bed bug is kind and endearing. The legs and antennae are made of soft plush fabric. This allows for a myriad of postions. The body is a rose-pink with large, bulging, dark eyes. This bed bug wants to be your friend and promises not to bite. Check out our other bed bug toys and gifts.

About Bed Bugs

The common bed bug or bedbug (Cimex lectularius), like the flea, feeds on the blood of its host. It lives in crevices, carpeting and especially along the seams of matresses. The bed bug is a solitary insect, but can also live in clusters. It is a nocturnal creature, but creeps around and becomes especially active for a short period before dawn. It can be seen with the naked eye since it is usually 1/8 to 1/3 inches long. Unlike the roach, it is not necessarily associated with a filthy environment. The adult bed bug is oval-shaped and red-bown in color, often compared to a lentil. It scurries rather quickly and therefore may be hard to spot when disturbed at night. The bed bug was, for the most part, eradicated in the 1940s through the use of DDT. It is making a comeback in warmer climates, such as in Florida. Bed bugs bite when disturbed, leaving small red markings. Unlike the tick, it does not crawl under the host's skin. To avoid bedbugs, bedding should be put in the dryer and heated to 120 degrees. This will kill any eggs. Also, spraying with an alcohol-based product is allegedly helpful to kill bed bugs.

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