Wednesday, December 19, 2012

T-Rex Dinosaur Flashlight

As useful as he is cute!!

Our Animal Carabiner Flashlights

Our carabiner animal flashlights are the coolest way to make sure you always have a light nearby! Look at the tail, they simply open up to snap onto a key ring, backpack, belt, book bag, or anyplace else a person can hook something. The light is surprisingly bright for such a small flashlight! Keep one next to your bed, by the back door, inside your car or on your bike. The light is bright enough to find things in the dark - such as finding the lock on your house or car door. Helps keep both kids and adults safe when unexpected scenarios come up. Just press the button on the critter's back, and you have light! Is there a better way to find the outhouse on a camping trip than to let our flashlight animals find the trail for you? Or what about lighting your way on Halloween? Fun for birthday parties, as stocking stuffers, or Hanukkah gifts for any age. Check out our other dinosaur toys and gifts and our multi-style animal flashlights. The animal flashlights page also shows you what the lights look like when the light is on! If you have a teeeeeny little screwdriver, you can pop in a replacement battery. However, we've noticed that the lights last for quite a long time on the original battery.

About the T-rex

The Tyrannosaurus or T-rex meaning tyrant lizard appeared on the scene during the Late Cretaceous about 65 million years ago. Although full skeletons have been found throughout North America in Alberta, Montana, South Dakota, Saskatchewan,and Wyoming, some have been found in Mongolia as well. Some skeletons have been measured to 45 feet in length. It walked on two legs and had a huge skull and an enormous tail to help with balance. It had two small powerful clawed forearms. There is debate whether this carnivore was just a scavenger or a killer itself.
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