Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Plastic Cane Toad

Cute little bugger...just don't EAT him!!

Our Plastic Cane Toad Replica

This beautifully-detailed and hand-painted plastic cane toad is a remarkable animal replica. Look at the real-life features. The eyes are shiny, just like you see in the photo, and the plastic skin is bumpy just like on the real toad. Wouldn't our cane toad be perfect in a diorama for a school project about Australian animals? The toad also makes a superb educational toy with its durability and its amazing likeness to a living animal. Our plastic toad is somewhat flexible to minimize scratches to humans. This figurine can be used to enhance reports at school, used by therapists for sand trays, or hey . . . just carry this little toad around in your pocket to entertain your friends. The fingers are flexible, and on a hard surface the toad props up on the ends of its front toes. Check out our other frog and toad toys and gifts.

About Cane Toads

According to Safari LTD, the cane toad (Bufo marinus) is "native to Central and South America, and can reach up to 15 inches long. It is deadly to both animals and humans that ingest it. Their skin glands secrete a toxin that can be used for various pharmaceutical applications."

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