Friday, July 20, 2012

Plush Baby Cheetah

Run fast and collect this little guy!

Our Adorable Stuffed Cheetah Baby

Our wonderfully lifelike stuffed baby cheetah by Hansa is a toy that looks amazingly like a real animal. The plush cheetah baby is 7 inches tall sitting up as you see it in this photo. Its cute wrap-around tail is just peeking out from behind the cheetah. Our lifelike Hansa cheetah is sewn with soft plush fabric made especially to match the markings of this animal. It has longer fur around the head and down the back in a small mane like a real cheetah with shorter hair on the face and body. The spots on the head, body, tail and legs are realistic with the "signature" black markings below the cheetah's eyes and around its muzzle. Attention to detail is important with all Hansa stuffed animals, and this cheetah toy is no exception. The long, thin, whiskers and with extra-soft plastic nose help anyone bond with this cute toy. The ears have a soft light peach-colored fabric inside. Our baby cheetah has a slighly puzzled curious look, as though it is learning to explore its world. It promises to snuggle next to you and be your friend. Our baby cheetah complements nicely any stuffed animal collection. Hansa toys are modeled after animals in real life, and they tend to keep the feel of an individual animal. This is one reason Hansa stuffed animals are so collectible. Kids love them and bond with them for years to come. I've known adults that "just have to" cuddle these adorable animals, too! Each piece is hand-stictched in the Philippines by crafters willing to produce a unique item each and every time. Check out our other cheetah toys and gifts or broaden your search to all of our cats. You can also read more about Hansa stuffed animals and see our selection.

About Cheetahs

The cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is a large feline predator native to Africa and the Middle East. Best known for being the fastest living animal on Earth, an adult cheetah can accelerate from zero to over 60 mph in three seconds, and can maintain a speed of 70-75 mph for bursts of just over 500 yards. A not so well-known fact is that cheetahs are the only felid with non-retractable claws and pads, and because of this, cheetahs cannot climb vertical tree trunks the way other cats can.

Cheetahs hunt during the day (usually in the early morning or early evening, when it's cooler), and hunt by sight rather than scent. The incredible speed of a cheetah means that a chase is over very quickly...either the cheetah succeeds, or it burns up its energy reserve and cannot continue the chase. The sacrifice of that speed is physical strength, which means cheetahs cannot defend their kills against larger predators. As such, a successful cheetah will consume as much of it's kill as it can immediately following the chase, then abandon the kill when other predators arrive.

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