Friday, July 13, 2012

Baron's Green Racer

A unique and remarkable replica!

Our Baron's Green Racer Replica

This engaging, realistic-looking plastic baron's green racer miniature is made of somewhat flexible plastic with good quality. This replica has detailed skin and an attractive realistic pose. This baron's green racer replica makes for a nice pet, fits into a shoebox diorama, or serves as a great collectible. It is 5 inches long from nose to tail posed exactly as it appears in the photo. A must for your South American Reptiles project! Check out our other snake toys and gifts.

About Baron's Green Racers

Also known as the Argentine long nose snake, the baron's green racer (Philodryas baroni) is a venomous snake found throughout Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. While green is the most common color, this species also can have blue or brown base color.

Baron's green racers are "rear-fanged", meaning that a toxic saliva is introduced into the victim with the assistance of enlarged teeth located in the back of the snake's mouth. These larger teeth are not in fact "fangs", meaning venom is not injected through them like a rattlesnake or cobra. While bites from baron's green racers are painful and result in unpleasant symptoms (burning pain and swelling), no fatalities to humans have been reported, and the snake is not considered to be dangerous to humans. The snake is commonly sold as a pet, and rarely expresses aggressiveness towards humans.

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