Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"S" is for Siamang, Stegasaurus, and a lot of other animals, too!

Look at this beautiful siamang jewelry! It comes in a variety of colors and unique beads to complement or match. You can choose earrings, pin or pendant.

We found lots of animals in Tapir and Friends online gift shop that begin with the letter "S"! Just for starters, here are four beautiful hand-made, hand-painted dog pins! You can see these dogs and a large selectin of our other animal jewelry in our web album. The album will give you a link back to our order page. Pictured above is our shiba inu dog pin.

Here's our shih tsu dog pin.

Our samoyed portrait pin.

And our wheaten Skye terrier dog pin.

We discovered that quite a number of our plastic sea life animals start with "S." What about this colorful sea snail?

Toy seahorse models are always a favorite. I love the colors on this stand-up plastic seahorse!

This bright seahorse is actually a 3-D plastic puzzle. We have lots of animal puzzles, and many of them are sea animals.

We even have plastic sea cucumbers!

We have lots of sharks, and shark starts with "S," but I thought we'd get specific and show you our sand tiger shark stuffed toy. It's been one of our most popular animals. Did I get a lot of "s" sounds in that first sentence :)

Look how colorful our Spinosaurus 3-D puzzle is! What fun! We also have Stegosaurus. See below. He's purple and red!

We have a number of nice plastic squid as well. The one shown below is our giant squid, which comes in two sizes.

Starfish are pretty! This one comes in blue, but we have just about any color you could want. Check them all out with the "starfish" link. The current technical name for them is "sea stars," because they are not really fish, but the old name works for us, too. We grew up with the name "starfish," and it brings back memories of days at the beach!

This little guy is a plastic skate. We have plastic toy or replica skates and rays in quite a few sizes and colors.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sale on featured toy animals: stuffed black-footed ferret, plastic lobster, and Walter the Friendly Stuffed Crocodile (or alligator?)

What do a stuffed crododile (alligator), stuffed black-footed ferret, and plastic lobster have in common? Usually, not very much. But today we have a few extra of each of these items. We don't have them falling out of our bins and boxes like tribbles, but we would like to move them out and make some space. WHILE OVERSTOCKS LAST, if you buy two or more of the stuffed crocodiles, this week only, we'll give you a 10% discount on the second one. Or if you buy a stuffed crocodile and a stuffed ferret, we'll give you a 10% discount on the crocodile. If you buy two or more stuffed black-footed ferrets, we'll give you a 10% discount on the second one (please note, the sable ferret is not included in this offer).

If you order 20 of our F464 B4 plastic lobsters, we'll give you a 10% discount on the second group of 10 (that is, 10 for the regular price and 10 at a 10% discount). You can order more, of course! See our plastic lobster and our stuffed ferrets below. We do have other plastic lobsters, but please note, the discount applies to the F464 B4 lobster you can see below.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Toy animals that start with "R"

Ring-tailed lemur starts with "R." The one you see here is our cuddly and popular stuffed ring-tailed lemur. We have ring-tailed lemurs made of plastic, too. Our toy lemurs are among our most sought-after animals!

The obvious "R" animal is rhino. Do we have rhinos? Yes, yes, yes! Check them out in our online gift shop: rhino jewelry (above), plastic rhino models or replicas, and even rhino 3-D puzzles!

This plastic rhinoceros would make a wonderful gift for a rhino-loving child or friend, and would make a nice addition to your realistic animal collection!

So, what's a turtle doing here with the "R" animals? We have two varieties of ridley sea turtles! Believe it or not, we have both the Kemp's ridley turtle above and the olive ridley sea turtle below. They're made of hard plastic and are beautifully-made realistic sea turtle replicas that you can use for school projects, decorations, and much more. Come see them on our site!

"Q" is for . . . Quills?

We looked around for animals that start with the letter "Q." There are a few, but unfortunately, we don't have any! A "Q" animal could be a quail, a quagga, or a spotted-tail quoll. The next thing that came to mind was "quills"! We have quills, and they're attached to our two adorable porcupine puppets! One is a finger puppet (above), and one is an adorable hand puppet (below).

The quills on our two porcupines are made of soft fabric and are guaranteed not to scratch or poke!

Visit ABC Wednesday for more things that start with Q!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"P" is for Pteranodon, Panda, and Pig

Our plastic pteranodon may tickle your fancy for dinosaurs and other extinct animals. Check it out on the plastic dinosar page of our online gift shop!

This pronghorn is just one example of the many wonderful hand-painted animal pins we carry.

What about pot-bellied pigs? Isn't it cute? See this pig and our other stuffed pigs here. We also have pig Peeper Keeper eyeglass holders you can find via the same link.

This adorable pink pig (like the pronghorn) is a hand-cast and hand-painted pin. We have lots of them in our shop! Look through the online album, then just click the link and place your order!

"P" is also for panda, and we have several. We have this popular giant panda 3-D plastic puzzle, for one.

We also have panda Peeper Keeper eyeglass holders. Here's the panda the way you'll receive it (above). Below, we've added a pair of shades so the panda will look as cool as it will at your house!

We even have a red lesser panda. Imagine that!

We have one more animal that starts with "P." How about this nice pentaceratops dinosaur puzzle?

Friday, March 27, 2009

"O" is for Octopus, Opossum, Okapi

These charming "dancing octopus" resin fridge magnets are available in our online gift shop.

You can also find this curly-tentacled plastic octopus in our shop along with a gorgeous stuffed octopus and many more plastic octopi.

"O" is also for okapi, and we have TWO different plastic okapis! Take your pick, or get them both.

Another very popular animal that starts with "O" is the opossum. We have two. The one shown above is a cute, snuggly opossum finger puppet with soft-as-silk fur.

Our stuffed plush opossum is approximately life-size and looks very real. It's actually confused a few people and is bought as a gag gift as often as it is for a cuddly "pet" opossum.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What the heck is Andrewsarchus?

Thanks to Walking with Prehistoric Beasts and many peoples' general fondness for and fascination with prehistoric animals, Andrewsarchus is one of the more popular models in our online gift shop. I was thrilled this morning to find a discussion about our current state of knowledge (or lack thereof) on one of the blogs I enjoy reading: Laelaps. I recommend reading this blog post. Brian has included a video clip from Walking with Prehistoric Beasts showing Andrewsarchus hopping and moving about, as well as a photo and a drawing of its skull and some interesting comments.

"M" is for Meerkat, Mole and Mongoose

Look at these animals that start with "M"! We have stuffed meerkats sitting up tall and looking very real! We also have plenty of plastic meerkats, which you'll find by following the same link above.

This is one of several plastic mongoose replicas in our collection. Yes, we have more than one! You can follow the mongoose link above to find them all.

Isn't this stuffed mole charming? We have it in stock and ready to ship! Check out our stuffed mole here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

"L" is for Lots of different animals!

"L" is an easy letter to match with animals in our gift shop! We have lots of toy lemurs, and here are two of them. We have plastic lemurs (two are shown here), and three different stuffed lemurs: the ring-tailed lemur, the sifaka lemur, and the beautiful and mysterious-looking red-ruffed lemur.

Next comes our stuffed leopard cub made by Hansa. This is truly a beautiful animal! It's so soft, and the paws are soft, too. It's a baby, and would make a wonderful gift for ages child to adult. The cute pink nose is made of silky plastic.

We have more leopards, too! This little plastic leopard replica would make a good addition to your shoebox diorama for school, or simply as a collectible plastic animal.

We can't leave the letter "L" without talking about lions! We still have lion Peeper Keeper eyeglass holders. They are being discontinued by the manufacturer because they want to move on to other products; this wonderfully popular series has been a departure from their core business items (glass), but as of today, we still have our carved wood lion peepers! See lots of other lions in our gift shop, too!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Animal toys and models that start with "K"

Take a look at this delightful komodo dragon! He looks quite real and is made of very sturdy plastic. The komodo dragon is actually a very big monitor lizard. We have several views of this plastic replica in our online gift shop. Just click on the link above!

How about this king cobra 3-D plastic puzzle? It's one of a nice variety of plastic puzzles we carry online. We have reptiles, mammals, dinosaurs, and more. Come see all of our animal puzzles here! When you're finished putting them together, you use them as a display or take them apart and keep them in their plastic carrying case for another time.

"K" is for kangaroo! We have several in our store. The kangaroo jewelry shown above is a beautiful lifelike pin hand-made and hand-painted in the USA. It's very sturdy and durable, and we have many, many other jewelry animals and fish as well.

This is one of our plastic kangaroo replicas. We also have a delightful and realistic-looking kangaroo mom and baby in our store. See all of our kangaroo models and toys here!

Well, "K" is also for Koala. Here's a replica koala mom and baby (joey) you can find in our online store. Aren't they adorable? We have several other koalas, too.

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