Monday, March 23, 2009

"L" is for Lots of different animals!

"L" is an easy letter to match with animals in our gift shop! We have lots of toy lemurs, and here are two of them. We have plastic lemurs (two are shown here), and three different stuffed lemurs: the ring-tailed lemur, the sifaka lemur, and the beautiful and mysterious-looking red-ruffed lemur.

Next comes our stuffed leopard cub made by Hansa. This is truly a beautiful animal! It's so soft, and the paws are soft, too. It's a baby, and would make a wonderful gift for ages child to adult. The cute pink nose is made of silky plastic.

We have more leopards, too! This little plastic leopard replica would make a good addition to your shoebox diorama for school, or simply as a collectible plastic animal.

We can't leave the letter "L" without talking about lions! We still have lion Peeper Keeper eyeglass holders. They are being discontinued by the manufacturer because they want to move on to other products; this wonderfully popular series has been a departure from their core business items (glass), but as of today, we still have our carved wood lion peepers! See lots of other lions in our gift shop, too!

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