Saturday, September 20, 2008

Talk about colorful, realistic reptile jewelry. . . !

I've just put these two guys online on our new reptile jewelry page. I love them! Look at that iguana (top) - it looks like a watercolor! You'd hardly know it's made of cast pewter, paint, and an incredibly durable clear finish. The gecko (bottom pic) definitely has a Southwest color scheme. If I'm not careful, I'll take them all home with me and have nothing left to sell. These are dramatic, and there are so many more pieces still to put online! I'm liking the new arrangement, though, where we have the menu pages for this style of jewelry broken down into animal types. It's going to be necessary to do that in order to get them all on the site, as they would never have fit on the original page, which is now painfully in transition. I'll get more of the clutter out of the top as it turns into a more complete menu page :) Meanwhile, it keeps me off the streets, which may not be all that good. I've got to get out and enjoy the day at some point! Tomorrow is Sunday Market. I look forward to moseying around, taking photos and buying fresh fruit and veggies.

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