Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We Needed an Aardvark

Buy this toy aardvark at Tapir and Friends

It's been awhile since Tapir and Friends had a plastic aardvark figurine. We used to have several, and they were all discontinued. Aardvarks are such interesting and unusual animals that they are always popular with our customers, so when we got a request recently, we did a little research and found that a new one had been produced by Safari, Ltd. We love its realism, and at 5 inches long, it can easily serve as a toy, a cake topper, a unique gift, or become part of a diorama on South African wildlife. Aardvarks use their strong claws and feet to burrow into the earth looking for ants and termites and for digging holes to live in. Their name in Afrikaans means "earth pig," which I've always thought was pretty cool :-)  

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