Monday, September 22, 2014

Very Popular Poseable Octopus is Back in Stock!!

Pile of Octopi at Tapir and Friends Animal Store

Although it looks like an altar to an erstwhile sea god, it is only a mound of outgoing octopi. Most of the residents of this pile are winging their way to far-flung (and not so far) places around the country and globe. We hope some of them remembered their passports. If you'd like an octopus of your own, we still have 26 in stock. They are extremely popular, so be sure to place your order quickly. Once they're gone, we're not sure when we'll be able to get them back in stock again.

For the word nerds out there who might be wondering, the plural of "octopus" is most generally accepted to be "octopuses." "Octopi" is popular and widely used, but members of the Word Police might argue about its status as an actual word. If you really want to get technical, you can try "octopodes" and see what happens. As for me, I'm going with "octopi."

This blog is sponsored by Tapir and Friends Animal Store.

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