Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Plastic Snakes to Keep Pests Out of Your Pool and Garden

Toy Plastic Orange and Yellow Snake
Plastic Orange Snake with Yellow Bands 
at Tapir and Friends Animal Store

Customers have told us that the best things they ever found to keep birds and other animals away from their swimming pools are fake plastic snakes. These coiled toy snakes might be just the ticket to keep summer pests away. The colors are eye-catching, and the built-in coils allow you to wrap the snakes around bushes or trees in your yard. Our plastic snakes come in a variety of colors and are 40 inches long, although they will not stay stretched out, but will return to a coiled position or wrap nicely around a post or landscaping. Our plastic snakes are very flexible and are fairly realistic looking except for the rather bright colors. If I were a bird, I don't think I would take any chances!

Toy Green Snake

Toy Cream and Orange-Colored Snake

Coiled Yellow Snake Toy

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