Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lifelike Plastic Bullfrog

Plastic Bullfrog Replica at
Tapir and Friends Animal Store

This plastic toy frog is one of our many museum-quality replicas made by Safari, Ltd. Isn't it beautiful? This frog is so realistic-looking you could mistake it for real frog. It would make a marvelous addition to a museum display, a science project, a larger diorama, or put this frog in a terrarium and pretend that it's real. This frog is a very good size for teaching children about amphibians and other denizens of lakes, ponds, and rivers. Measuring 5 inches long from its nose to where its back legs band behind the body, this frog fits comfortably into an adult hand and is large enough to be a lot of fun for children. The frog stands 2 3/4 inches tall from the ground to the top of its head. It has shiny eyes and an amused smile. This bullfrog is made of slightly flexible plastic. It's strong and sturdy and it won't break, but the toes will bend and you can squeeze it very slightly. Please see our other frogs as well as our great selection of reptile and amphibian toys, gifts, teaching tools and novelties.

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