Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hollow plastic great white shark - NEW

Great White Shark with Scary Teeth

This plastic great white shark toy looks like its nickname: "the eating machine." It is 6 inches long and is made of hollow, flexible plastic, although it does not squirt water or have a squeaker in the mouth or inside the body. There is no hole for water to go inside the shark. You can squeeze the shark and flex its fins or make its jaws open and close with your fingers. This replica has a detailed face and body with wide-open fearsome-looking jaws and teeth. It has beady black eyes with white highlights, and can be used for all kinds of fun and educational purposes. This shark makes a good bath toy, or can be used in a diorama for science class, or as an educational toy to teach about great white sharks. It makes an excellent show-and-tell item for class if you're doing a project about sharks. Or, what about that birthday cake decoration for a shark-themed birthday party? You can also add it to your collection of shark toys or give as a gift for the shark-lover in your life! Use it as a serious gift or a gag gift. Our toy shark won't mind. Kids of all ages can use this plastic shark for all kinds of games, becauase its teeth are quite soft and our shark promises not to bite! Check out our other great white shark toys and gifts.

About Great White Sharks

The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is usually seen at about 9 feet in length, but adults may reach as much as 16 feet. They weigh around 2,000 pounds. It lives near the surface in warmer waters of the Pacific, the Caribbean, and along the coast of Africa. Some sharks follow the migration of sea lions, which they find a most tasty prey. The great white has a large conical-shaped snout, agray dorsal fin and a mottled white underside. Great white sharks, like many other sharks, have rows of teeth behind the main ones, allowing any that break off to be rapidly replaced. A great white shark's teeth are serrated and when the shark bites it will shake its head side to side and the teeth will act as a saw and tear off large chunks of flesh. Great whites often swallow their own broken off teeth along with chunks of their prey's flesh.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Posable rubber octopus

Plastic Rubber Octopus with Posable Tentacles Our realistic posable latex rubber octopus has been so popular this year, I wanted to feature here one more time. Take a look at the moulded suction cups on the bottom of the tentacles! They don't actually stick to anything, but they sure look good! The tentacles are posable for most of their length. Look out! That eye is watching you!

Our Soft Play Latex Octopus

This realistic-looking plastic-coated soft play octopus is a terrific replica. It is 21 inches long, but will stretch out to 26 inches when you pull on the partially posable tentacles. It is also 6 inches tall. Our octopus replica has a hard latex coating and a soft inner body possibly made of foam. It is an excellent toy for children because it is light weight and durable. It serves as an educational toy for a science project or as a gag or unusual gift. Check out our other octopi toys and gifts.

About Octopi

Octopi are cephalopods that can be found in rocky areas especially among coral reefs in the oceans throughout the world. The octopus has 8 arms which trail behind it when it swims. It is considered to be the most intelligent animal of all invertabrates. It emits a cloud of inky substance as a defense against predators as well as possessing a venomous bite. Most octopuses have a short life span of no longer than six months.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Plastic chimp moms and babies

Chimpanzee Mom and Baby Plastic Replica We actually have TWO separate chimpanzee mom and baby replicas.

Mom and Baby Chimp Models Chimps (short for "chimpanzees") remain among the world's most popular animals because humans can easily relate to their looks and behavior. They entertain us with their extremely mobile faces and bodies. We are fascinated by these animals so closely resembling our own species. There are two species of chimp - the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the smaller bonobo (Pan paniscus). Both species live in Africa. Chimps are members of the family Hominidae, as are gorillas, orangutans, and humans. Chimpanzees are threatened by population fragmentation, habitat destruction, disease, and persecution by humans.

Great selection of plastic fish

Plastic fish We have the most amazing selection of plastic fish! Our other small plastic parrotfish sold out yesterday (it's discontinued), but we are always looking for more! The plastic parrotfish you see above is one of our newer ones, and we have a number of them in stock and ready to ship! Come take a look at our array of plastic fish!

Our Plastic Parrotfish

This engaging, realistic-looking plastic parrotfish miniature is made of somewhat flexible plastic with a bendable tail. This replica has detailed scales and is painted turquoise blue. This parrotfish makes for a nice pet, fits into a shoebox diorama, or serves as a great collectible. Our plastic parrot fish is for decoration or play only. It does not float, and should NOT be put in your aquarium. Best of all, there is no mess, no feeding, and no tank cleaning. Check out our other fish toys and gifts.

About Parrotfish

The parrotfish is a common tropical fish and its family contains about 90 different species. It is found in shallow water reefs throughout tropical waters mainly in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean. It gets its name from its dental structure. Its numerous teeth are arranged on the external surface of the jaw bones, forming a parrot-like beak which is used to grind off algae from coral and other rock.

Stuffed toy heartworm

Heartworm stuffed toy We have some pretty crazy stuffed animals at Tapir and Friends Animal Store online. This very cute stuffed heartworm can be used for any number of purposes from a gift for your veterinarian to a reminder to feed your pet its heartworm pills! Or what about a friendly prop for a demo in vet school? Or even as a toy for your dog or cat!

Our Heartworm

This, strange-looking stuffed heartworm is an unusual replica. It is 9 inches long and is made of white synthetic fur and has large eyes and wears a collar. If you aren't a worm lover, you will be after you own this adorable little fella. I am not sure you'll want to give it to your dog though! This plush heartworm toy makes a nice pet, a gift, toy or gag and could work well for a school play or show-and-tell as a school science project. You might want to give our stuffed heartworm to your favorite veterinarian as a gift. On the other hand, veterinarians might like to keep a few of these around the office as a gift for a favorite client or as a reminder to give your pet those heartworm pills! In fact, if you know anyone who has trouble remembering to keep their pet's heartworm pills current, this could be an excellent reminder! Check out our other worm toys and gifts.

About Heartworms

Heartworm is a parasitic roundworm (Dirofilaria immitis) that is spread from host to host through the bites of mosquitoes. Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition caused by parasitic worms living in the arteries of the lungs and occasionally in the right side of the heart of dogs, cats and other species of mammals, including wolves, foxes, ferrets, sea lions and (in rare instances) humans. Heartworms are classified as nematodes (roundworms) and are filarids, one of many species of roundworms. Dogs and cats of any age or breed are susceptible to infection.

The Tag on Our Heartworm Says:

FACTS: You're not the only one who loves dogs - numerous parasites on the inside and outside of man's best friend use him as their own little ecosystem. Most are harmless annoyances, but heartworm (or Dirofilaria immitis) can cause serious complications and even death if left untreated.

Thin, spaghetti-like parasites, heartworms typically reside in the pulmonary arteries and hearts of their hosts. An infected dog can have as many as 250 worms. As they grow, the worms constrict blood supplies to the heart and lungs, causing infected animals to develop coughs, become listless, and lose their appetites.

Microscopic offspring called microfilariae are released by female worms after mating. These get sucked up by mosquitoes and develop into larvae that can infect the next host. Because larvae can only develop when it's hot, summer is a particularly dangerous time for transmission. However, since symptoms take six months to appear, winter is the time to be most aware.

Come on over and check out our stuffed plush heartworm toy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Deinosuchus: Extinct crocodile replica

Isn't this just what you've been looking for? Hasn't everyone? For the crocodile fan in your life or the lover of paleontology . . . Deinosuchus, the extinct crocodile, comes to life in this realistic plastic model by Safari.

Note the beautiful colors and lifelike detail in our museum-quality plastic deinosuchus replica. Dinosuchus was a crocodile that reached about 30 feet in length and lived during the Cretaceous period. If you think it looks ferocious at 10 inches, imagine how impressive it would be at 30 feet! Its name means "terrible crocodile," and it's easy to imagine why. You can read more about this extinct crocodile in the online dinosaur and paleontology dictionary. If you like plastic crocodiles and prehistoric creatures, this wonderful replica might be just the thing to add to your collection or use for a school project or diorama. Our plastic extinct crocodile is 10 inches long from its nose to the bend in its tail. Made of sturdy, solid plastic, deinosuchus has its name moulded into the underside of its belly. Our plastic crocodile is educational and nice to look at. It's also priced reasonably enough to be used as a toy. Deinosuchus is part of the Carnegie Collection made by Safari, Ltd.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wavy the Crocodile - Stage Puppet / Hand Puppet

Wavy the Crocodile Plush Puppet by Folkmanis "Wavy" the Crocodile is new in our store! He is in stock today and ready to ship! Check out the details, and check out those teeth!

"Wavy," Our Crocodile Stage Puppet

Our stuffed crocodile stage puppet (or hand puppet) by Folkmanis is the same one you've seen on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" as host of the 1000th episode of the show. Wavy is extremely well made and features an easily animated mouth and operable arms. This puppet is very well made. Design details include soft sculpted plush with molded claws and teeth. Wavy's mouth is lots of fun to SNAP! The teeth are hollow soft plastic and do not have any sharp edges. The color of the body is a lusciuos dark green - very realistic for a crocodile, and beautiful to look at! A soft padded spine and soft pink felt inside Wavy's mouth make him extra fun to hold and use. The jaws have a flexible gentle stiffener inside so the mouth keeps its crocodilian look. The wavy jaws and shiny green eye make this puppet just the thing for your stage puppet play or for playing around with every day. Wavy the Crocodile Puppet could also make a wonderful item for show-and-tell to demonstrate crocodiles for your school project. What if you let WAVY talk to the class about crocodiles while you work his mouth and hands? What a fun production! Check out our other crocodile toys and gifts.

About Crocodiles

There are numerous kinds of crocodiles. Some live in fresh water, and some in salt water. Crocodiles have long, narrow snouts, and the 4th tooth of the lower jaw is outside when the mouth is closed. Their scales have modified to form thick tough skin. All crocodiles have eyes and nostrils are on the top part of the head so that they can lie in the water almost completely hidden from view. Crocodiles have very strong jaws. They do not chew their food. They swallow it in large chunks. In the stomach the food is broken down. They feed on a large variety of prey such as small mammals, birds and even cattle. Crocodiles grab their prey and move to deep water, where they roll over to drown the animal. They can leap high out of the water to reach their prey if necessary.

Sea turtle toys

Plastic Loggerhead Turtle
Stuffed Sea Turtle There's a plea on the Biological Diversity Web Site to help save sea turtles. It's alarming the number of animal species that humans have brought to the door of extinction. Turtles, tigers, polar bears, rhinos, elephants . . . they all need our help.

Our organization (the Tapir Preservation Fund) focuses on one animal (four species) - the tapir. But when you focus on a species you also have to think about their habitat and the other animals and plants that depend on that habitat. That brings us to the awareness that we are all interconnected.

If we focus on the essential need to conserve wildlife and biodiversity on the planet, it doesn't much matter which species we champion. We're all in it together. Today we show you the toy turtles that help raise awareness of these amazing animals and their plight. Tomorrow it will be something else. We incorporated to raise and distribute conservation funds to tapir projects because that's our particular focus - but raising awareness and making animal replicas available for kids' conservation projects at school, animal fundraisers, educational institutions, and to people who love and enjoy animals is all part of what we do.

For more information on sea turtles, you can also check out the NOAA web site on marine turtle conservation, or just google "sea turtle conservation."

Monday, December 21, 2009

Two stuffed wolf cub plush toys

We have two wolf cub plush animals in stock and ready to ship. You can vist both of them on our canid menu page along with foxes, wild dogs and other members of the dog family. Just click on each image on the menu page for a bigger view.

The cub lying down (see above) is by Fiesta.

Our standing wolf cub is by Wild Republic. Both companies adhere to the most stringent current product testing for kids. You can be assured that the materials used in these stuffed animals are non-toxic and meet all U.S. requirements.
The wolves themselves are just adorable and are very soft to cuddle. We think they'd both make wonderful gifts or educational toys for young ones!

Plastic stretchable leech back in stock!

This delightful squishy-stretchy 8-inch plastic leech is back in stock and ready to ship! It's been quite a favorite with our customers - from people who just like icky things to medical schools were the leech is used as an educational tool. Whatever the use, check out our plastic leech. It stretches out quite long and it feels wet, although it's really not!

Our Black Leech

This, realistic-looking stretchable black leech is an amazing replica. It stretches to 36 inches in length, retracts and can be bent in any direction. It feels like Jello, and is also sticky to the touch. If you aren't a leech lover, this leech replica is truly disgusting. It is black with detailed segments. Our black leech replica may want to suck your blood, but promises not to hurt. This stretchable plastic leech makes a nice pet, a gift, toy or gag for teenagers or immature adults and could work well for a school play or show-and-tell as a school science project or a history project about medicine. Check out our other leech toys and gifts.

Please Note: The package says, "May rip if overstretched. May stain rubber surfaces, painted walls, fabrics, wallpaper, or wood surfaces." We at Tapir and Friends make no guarantees, but my experience is that I have stretched the leech over 36 inches and it didn't break, and I found that it left an oily stain on cardboard only after I washed it and set it out to dry. Your results may differ.

About Leeches

Leeches are annelids like earthworms and have long segmented bodies consisting of 34 parts. They all have an anterior (oral) sucker formed from the first six segments, which is used to connect to a host for feeding, and also release an anesthetic to prevent the host from feeling its presence. They use a combination of mucus and suction caused by concentric muscles to stay attached and secrete an anti-clotting enzyme, hirudin, into the host's blood stream. Leeches have been used for medicinal purposes for blood-letting for centuries. Hirudin helps from blood clotting and is sometimes used in micro-surgery. Leeches are hermaphrodites and have an intersting reproductive cycle. There is much discussion about the dangers of leech bites and lots of theories about the best way to remove a leech from your leg.

Plastic mud crab back in stock

Plastic Mud Crab Hi All,

Our very popular small green-black plastic mud crab is back in stock and ready to ship! We've been without this cute red-eyed creature for a couple of weeks, and it's just come in the door!

If you see the "Out of Stock" sign today, you can go ahead and order, because I'm just working on that!

Our Mud Crab

This engaging, realistic-looking plastic mud crab has a solid body, but flexible legs. It is 2 1/2 inches across with good detail. This crab makes a nice pet, a gift or is useful for a diorama. Check out our other crab toys and gifts.

About Mud Crabs

The most common mud crab (Scylla serrata) is generally a mangrove crab but can also refer to several similar crabs found in mud throughout the world. Some mud crabs are large crabs with a smooth, broad carapace. They have 9 even sized teeth on each side of their eyes. Their two hind legs are flattened for swimming. In the most common form, the color varies from very dark brown/black to mottled green. Mud crabs inhabit sheltered estuaries, the tidal reaches of some rivers, mud flats and mangrove forests. These crabs are found scuttling along a soft, muddy bottom, often below low tide level. Some are harvested commercially especially in Australia but, for the most part, they make excellent bait for larger agressive fish.

Stuffed toy bobcat

Our plush bobcat stuffed animal is in stock and ready to ship! As of this morning, you can still order and ship by Priority mail to arrive in the U.S. for Christmas. We suggest you order by 10:00 a.m. Pacific time, but later orders may still make it in today's morning mail. We can also ship it this afternoon, and it should arrive for Christmas. About now is when we start to suggest that Express Mail is the best way to go. But, we're here and we'll be shipping all day. If it can arrive just after Christmas, you can still use the least expensive shipping option.

Our cuddly, stuffed bobcat plush toy is 11 1/2 inches tall and 19 1/2 inches long from nose to tail. He has a gentle, kind expression, soft furry-pointed ears, tickly whiskers and a flexible bobbed tail. Our stuffed bobcat is lonely and looking for a friend to snuggle up against. Be sure to see our other bobcat and lynx toys and gifts.

The bobcat (Felis rufus) is one of the most interesting desert animals found in North America. It likes to live in arid brushy areas where it preys on small mammals, especially rabbits. It is often a problem to sheep ranchers, as lambs are an easy meal for the bobcat. It also enjoys visiting the chicken coop. The bobcat gets its name from its short black-tipped bobbed tail and is distinguishable from its cousin, the lynx, which is larger and has a slightly longer all-black tail. Even though the bobcat looks like a cute pussycat, it is fierce with an extremely agressive growl and snarl. The bobcat is trapped for its fur and is under greater pressure for survival as more population moves into semi-arid and arid regions. It is not presently endangered but its fate remains uncertain as human contact increases.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Six new plastic sharks!

Great White Shark ~ $6.00

We've just received six new plastic sharks in our inventory, and are in the process of putting them online. Each one is about 6 inches long made of hollow, flexible plastic. They do not squirt water and do not have squeakers inside. Until we get them online (soon!) you can order by calling (503) 325-3179 or toll free (888) 325-3179. Or, look for them soon on our shark page!

Tiger Shark ~ $5.50

Black Tip Reef Shark ~ $6.50

Lemon Shark ~ $5.50

Hammerhead Shark ~ $6.00

Whale Shark ~ $5.50

Call (503) 325-3179 or (888) 325-3179 to order

New design for our plastic Bactrian camel model

Our Bactrian camel replica has a brand new design! This photo shows the new shape and details.

The Bactrian (two-humped) camel lives in the cold, mountain and hight desert climates of Central Asia. It was domesticated over 4,500 years ago in an area called Bactria, near present-day Iran. The Bactrian's humps are filled with fat, not water, which is used to nourish the camel when there is little food or water. The Bactrian camel can go without water for long periods, drinking and storing up to 18 gallons (68 liters) at a time. The Bactrian camel can grow up to 11 feet long and 7 feet tall (at the shoulder) and weight up to 2,000 pounds. Although there are over 2 million domesticated Bactrian camels, the wild Bactrian camel is one of the world's rarest mammals. It is considered critically endangered with less than 1,000 remaining in the wild.

This plastic Bactrian camel looks quite real. Lines of the hair are moulded into the plastic. Made of solid plastic, it is sturdy and durable. The words "Bactrian Camel" are embossed on the underside. The length of 4 1/2 inches is measured from the nose to the bend in the tail, and the camel stands 3 1/2 inches tall. One of its humps is bent over at the top as if it had used up part of its fat supply. It comes with a small informational tag in French, Italian, Spanish, German, and English that says, "The Bactrian camel can withstand temperatures from -20 degrees F to 100 degrees F. After a drought, they can drink 29 gallons of water in only 10 minutes." (The information we found online said 18 gallons. Since we don't have a camel to test, let's just say it can drink a lot of water!) Made by Safari, Ltd., our camel is striking in form and detail, and will make a great addition to your collection. It is priced right for animal collectors, school projects, dioramas, and even for use as an educational children's toy.

Frilled Lizared 3-D Interlocking Plastic Animal Puzzle

Lizard Puzzle The details on this frilled lizard 3-D puzzle animal toy add another dimension, so you could say it is 4-D (3-D + details)! It is certainly one of the more detailed we have seen, making it an interesting replica as well as a fun toy for adults and children above the age of 3. The pieces are cleverly fitted, flexible, and not too difficult to assemble. When completed, this striking frilled lizard stands nicely on its own for display with your favorite treasures. To see our entire inventory of puzzle animals, go to our 3-D Puzzle Animals page. Be sure to look over our other plastic frilled lizard toys and gifts.

Plastic Holstein Cow

Plastic Toy Cow Our Plastic Holstein Cow

Our plastic Holstein Cow is made of hard solid plastic and is 1 7/8 inches long. It has detailed hide and hooves. Our plastic animals come tested and approved from the manufacturers and are safe. This toy cow replica fits nicely into a shoe box diorama, a manger scene, or a farm animal collection. Check out our other cattle toys and gifts.

About Holstein Cows

The Holstein cow is a popular dairy cow which originated in what is today Holland. The Dutch breeders bred and oversaw the development of the breed with the aim of obtaining animals which would make best use of grass. The result was an efficient, high-producing black-and-white dairy cow. It is black and white due to artificial selection by the breeders. It is the most common dairy cow in America.

Stuffed Meerkat

Who doesn't need a stuffed meerkat for Christmas? And we have just the one! It sits up, it looks almost real (in fact, our stuffed meerkat was used for some long-distance shots in "Meerkat Manor"! We will be shipping by Priority Mail on Monday, and you should get it before Christmas.

These plush meerkat stuffed animals are exceptional. They're as realistic as they are cute. Although they're made of synthetic materials, they look real. This one sits up surveying his territory.

The civet family (Viverridae) includes binturongs, civet cats, falanoucs, fossas, genet cats, linsangs, mongooses and meerkats (which are actually a type of mongoose). They are related to the cat family but are not actually cats. They do have a cat-like body, but with shorter legs and a longer tail. Their face resembles that of a weasel. These mostly nocturnal (active at night) mammals are native to Asia (including Indonesia and the Philippines), Africa (including Madagascar) and southern Europe. Some species are terrestrial (ground dwellers), but most are arboreal (tree dwellers); some are carnivores (eat only meat) and others are omnivores (eat fruits and vegetables as well as meat). Civet cats have scent-producing glands that secrete a musky-smelling substance which is used as a perfume fixative.

Meerkats are diurnal, which means they are active during the day. They have an average life span of 12-14 years. Meerkat populations move whenever their food supply becomes depleted. Being omnivores, meerkats eat both plants and animals. Meerkats can even eat scorpions because they are immune to their venom. However, the most significant characteristic of meerkats is their altruistic behavior. They are one of the few mammal species that significantly cooperates and coordinates acivities with each other. Meerkat mothers are given an opportunity to go out to feed themselves while their young are watched by other meerkats. In fact, some meerkats spend all or part of their lives helping others raise their young rather than breeding themselves.

Stuffed Lion - very, very SOFT!

Our Stuffed Lion

This stuffed lion sits 11 inches tall and has super-soft and long body fur. The luscious butterscotch color is very rich and very attractive. The lion's face has large, friendly eyes and it has a sweet look about it. This stuffed lion is in Wild Republic's "Rascals" line. All parts are non-toxic and surface washable. Check out our other lion toys and gifts.

About Lions

The hang tag that comes with our stuffed lion says: "Hi! I am a lion. I come from Asia, but you will find my cousins in Africa too. I can run very fast and climb trees swiftly. We lions like living in a group called a pride, and we hunt and do everything together. Our favorite pastime is hunting antelope, baby elephants or rhinos, but you are more likely to see me napping in a tree, or lying on my back, relaxing!"

Lions (Panthera leo) are members of the cat family whose size, power, and bearing have captured human imagination since earliest times, are also called the king of beasts. They once lived throughout Africa and from Europe to Iran and India. Today Eurasian wild lions are limited to the Gir Sanctuary in India. Lions also roam the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Kruger National Park in South Africa. This drastic reduction in range came about as humans and domestic livestock spread into savanna lands. Because lions live in open areas, they are easily shot by hunters and herders.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Monarch butterfly finger puppet

Monarch Butterfly Finger Puppet by Folkmanis
Our Monarch Butterfly Finger Puppet

This engaging, educational and fun fabric monarch butterfly finger puppet is soft and cuddly and constructed with the quality of Folkmanis. The wings are made of orange and black soft plush transparent fabric and shows well-defined segments. The body is black and streches to allow a finger. Our monarch butterfly replica promises not to fly away. This fabric monarch butterfly finger puppet makes a nice pet, gift, novelty, presentation piece for a school project,or gag gift. See our other butterfly toys and gifts.

About Monarch Butterflies

The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is a well-known North American butterfly. It is a beautiful insect and has been drawn, photographed and appreciated by countless people. It is noted for its ability to make migration journeys of up to 3,000 miles where it loves to congregate on milkweed. It tolerates cold weather poorly so unsesaonable weather can have a devasting effect on the monarch butterfly. Monarch butterflies have few predators. They have an acrid taste which birds learn to avoid. Monarch butterflies can now be found in Hawaii and New Zealand.

Groovy iguana hand puppet!

Iguana Stuffed Animal Hand Puppet from Folkmanis This iguana hand puppet by Folkmanis is just too cool. See the next photo for the full view.

Our iguana stuffed animal hand puppet is friendly, although it looks a bit fierce. Since you run the show with your hand inside this puppet, it will say and do what you ask it to!
This iguana stuffed animal by Folkmanis is also a puppet. Although we draped it over our photo stand to show its whole length, it does have four legs! It looks just like a stuffed animal until you put your hand inside the fabric from the underside. You can make its mouth work by moving your hand. It's hard to see here, but the iguana has a hollow, forked fabric tongue, so you can use your finger to make it move. The front legs are also hollow. A grown-ups hand will be able to control both legs and the tongue at the same time. If you'd rather, you can put your fingers in the top part of the head and your thumb in the bottom jaw. Our stuffed iguana puppet measures 32 inches from nose to tail. The "scales," which are part of the fabric, are shiny and will shimmer in the light. The fringes are made of soft felt. An informational tag containing iguana facts is included. To find our other hand puppets in this line, or see our entire inventory of stuffed beanies, puppets and animals, check out our Stuffed Beanies and Plush Puppets Page . Come look through our entire collection of iguana toys and gifts.

The Green Iguana can grow to lengths of six feet from head to tail, and lives in Central and South America. Their color helps them hide in the trees undetected by predators while they eat flowers, fruits and leaves.

Come on over to our online animal store and take a look!

Puffin (Audubon Birds Series) - NEW!

New in our online store is this cute Atlantic Puffin, a member of the Audubon Birds Series with actual sound recordings of real birds. See our growing collection of these very popular and affordable lifelike stuffed animals.

Our Stuffed Atlantic Puffin

Our stuffed Atlantic puffin has a removable "Press Here" tag so you can hear the recorded voice of a real Atlantic Puffin. The Atlantic puffin replica was designed as part of the popular Audubon Birds Series by Wild Republic. It is 6 inches tall with bright colors and a soft body . As with all of Wild Republic's toys, this plush Atlantic puffin meets the most stringent current standards of safety for children's toys. All parts are non-toxic and surface washable. Check out our other puffin toys and gifts.

About Atlantic Puffins

The Atlantic puffin (Fratercula arctica)spend eight months of the year floating on the North Atlantic. During summer, they live in/occupy remote nesting islands on both sides of the Atlantic. In North America, they nest from Maine to Newfoundland. Puffins can dive to 200 feet, dig burrows eight feet deep, and live 30 years or more. Learn how to Adopt-a-Puffin and how Audubon brought puffins back to the Maine coast at

Stuffed opossum mom and baby

Our stuffed opossum with cute baby on her back is new in our online store, so we were very happy when we saw that you have found these opossums! They're such a great toy, I wanted to give them a little boost. Our original stuffed opossum is the one that comes up best on a Google search. It's almost identical to this mama, but it doesn't have the baby. We were so disappointed when we found that the original opossum was out of stock at the importer's until next spring, but we were overjoyed when they came up with this pair. So, we're happy you've started to find the opossums in our store! Just follow this link!

Our Mom and Baby Stuffed Opossums

Our stuffed opossum (sometimes called 'possum) mom and baby are so realistic, you may surprise your friends or loved ones when they see this charming duo! Our opossums are approximately life-sized, which helps to give that illusion. The mother opossum is 11 inches long from nose to rump, and her bare fabric tail adds another 12 inches when you pull it out straight. The tail is made to curl, and will pop right back into position. Also looking extremely real, the baby opossum is stitched right onto her back. Real opossum babies ride on their mothers' backs at this age. The body of the baby is 5 1/2 inches right down to its stitched pink nose (not seen in this photo); its tail adds another 3 1/2 inches, and has a crinkly curl built into the end. The baby's fur is soft and fuzzy, and is shorter than Mom's fur, as it's still a very young animal. Mom's toes are stuffed fabric, while baby's toes are cut out of flat fabric. The ears of both opossums have soft fabric inside and out. As with all of Fiesta's toys, this plush toy opossum pair meets the most stringent current standards of safety for children's toys. All parts are non-toxic and surface washable. Check out our other opossum toys and gifts. To find our other stuffed toy animals from Fiesta, or see our entire inventory of stuffed animals, stuffed beanies and plush hand puppets, check out our Stuffed Animals Page.

Cute stuffed PINK PIG by Hansa

Stuffed Pig Wouldn't this stuffed plush pig make a great gift for the pig fan or pig collector in your life?

Our stuffed pink pig is 10 inches long from nose to rump with an additional 1 1/2-inch, white-tufted curled tail. Handcrafted beautifully by Hansa, this pig has many fine features, including hooves painted to appear cloven, ears stitched to a realistic shape, a detailed mouth, and a fabric tongue. Our pink pig is sturdy, has posable front legs and stands 7 inches tall. Let him become a family member. He is clean and loving, and fits nicely in a stuffed animal collection. Be sure to see our other pig toys and gifts.

The words pig, hog and swine are generic terms and may be used interchangeably without regard to gender, size or breed. A male pig is called a boar. A female pig is called a gilt if she hasn't had piglets yet, or called a sow if she has had a litter. The pig originated as a Eurasian wild boar and was domesticated by early farming people. The pig is known as an even-toed ungulate having four toes, although it walks on only two. It is an incredibly intelligent animal with a brain size similar to humans. It keeps clean and only rolls in the mud to cool off, since it lacks sweat glands. It has been a valuable food supply for generations of people from many cultures. Some religions, such as Judaism and Islam, have prohibitions regarding eating pork. This is not because the pig is externally dirty, but because it doesn't have cud to redigest.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sturgeon pin (fish jewelry)

Sturgeon Jewelry What about a fantastic realistic sturgeon pin for that special sturgeon-lover? This pin is hand made and hand painted in the USA. We have several in stock right now, and they're ready to ship as soon as you place your order in our secure shopping cart!

Fish and Wildlife Jewelry

These items are unique in the world of animal jewelry! Made in Washington and Idaho by a team of three U.S. artists, these high-quality pins or tie tacks are exceptional. Each exquisitely detailed piece is cast in pewter and painted by hand. The finish is extremely smooth and shiny, as you can see by the highlight from the scanner. Each pin is secured by two sturdy tacks on the back so it doesn't skew sideways or turn upside down, and the finished product is not only gorgeous, but satisfyingly substantial in weight. They can be used as lapel pins, hat pins, tie tacks, and more. These collectible animal pins are heirloom quality, and the details are so realistic, they are found in museum gift shops and bought by organizations in need of the perfect animal to represent their group. In fact, if you're interested in having the name of your organization put on an item, write to us for details. You will find more fish and animals by the same artists listed on our Hand-Painted Jewelry page.

The sturgeon pin measures about 2-3/8 inches long by about 1/2 inch tall. Check out our terrific selection of fish jewelry.

3D Dinosaur and other Animal Puzzles

These wonderful lifelike 3-D puzzles depicting dinosaurs and other animals are running out quickly! At the beginning of the holiday season, we had eight types of donosaurs - now we only have three left! Come on over and see what they are. As of today, these three are still in stock and ready to ship for Christmas!

The dinosaur shown above is Dilophosaurus.

The beautiful details on this 3-D puzzle animal toy add another dimension, so you could say it is 4-D (3-D + details)! It is certainly one of the more detailed we have seen, making it an interesting replica as well as a fun toy for adults and children above the age of 3. This colorful dilophosaurus dinosaur is roughly 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. It's a new item and we still need to assemble one to measure it for you. It comes unassembled in a re-usable plastic case that looks like a fossil. The pieces are cleverly fitted, flexible, and not too difficult to assemble. When completed, this striking dinosaur stands nicely for display with your favorite collectible animal replicas and figurines. To see our entire inventory of puzzle animals, go to our 3-D Puzzle Animals page. Be sure to see our other dinosaur toys and gifts as well.

Dilophosaurus dinosaurs come from the Early Jurassic Period, and are named for the two crests on their heads. Dilophosaurus was not described until 1954.

California Condor (Aubuon Birds Series)

Stuffed California Condor in Audubon Birds Series Our Stuffed California Condor

Our stuffed California condor has a removable "Press Here" tag so you can hear the recorded voice of a real California condor. The California condor replica was designed as part of the popular Audubon Birds Series by Wild Republic. It is 6 inches tall and a 14 1/2 inch wingspan with a soft body . As with all of Wild Republic's toys, this plush California condor meets the most stringent current standards of safety for children's toys. All parts are non-toxic and surface washable. Check out our other raptor toys and gifts.

About California Condors

The California condor (Gymnogyps californianus) belongs to the vulture family. It is only found along the coastal mountains of North America, Baja California and the Grand Canyon. The California condor is black in color with white on the underside of its wings with its skin color often a bright red. It scavenges for dead animals and therefore is susceptible to eating toxic substances. It has an amazing wingspan of up to 9 feet. It flies gracefully and up to speeds of 50 miles an hour. This condor has played an active role in Native American lore and has been reproduced frequently in Native American art. The condor almost faced extinction and through one of the most active conservation and breeding programs in America, its numbers have improved. As of 2005, there were only 273 individuals including 127 in the wild remaining. Thanks to the efforts of the Los Angeles and San Diego Zoos, this amazing bird may remain one of the most significant natural beings of our hemisphere.

Plastic alligator snapping turtle replica back in stock

This little alligator snapping turtle replica turned out to be very popular! It's new in our store, and it sold out very quickly. However, they are back in stock and ready to purchase for class projects, for collectors, for whoever has been looking for a nice model or figurine of an alligator snapping turtle.

This engaging, realistic-looking plastic snapping turtle miniature is made of somewhat flexible hard plastic. This replica has a detailed carapace and body and is painted in olive green and brown. This snapping turtle replica has a a rough texture and detailed feet but a smooth plastron. This plastic snapping turtle promises not to bite. This toy turtle makes for a nice pet, fits into a shoebox diorama, or serves as a great collectible. Check out our other turtle toys and gifts.

About Snapping Turtles

The common snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) and the larger alligator snapping turtle (Macrochelys temminckii) are freshwater turtles found in the Northern Hemisphere. Strangely enough, the smaller common snapping turtle is more agressive than its larger relative. The alligator snapper keeps to primarily southern U.S. waters, while the smaller, more aggressive common snapper inhabits lakes and streams from South America to Canada. These turtles can remain submerged for three hours. The turtle protrudes its tongue, wiggles it to imitate a worm, thereby luring fish into its mouth. Then it slams its jaws shut at lightning speed and devours its prey. Despite its reputation, snapping turtles are not prone to biting, but when provoked are certainly capable.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plastic ram (sheep) - new, new, new!

Sheep (Ram or Wether) We're putting our new things online as fast as time permits. Today we posted a new member of the sheep family - this small toy ram.

Our plastic (Ram) Sheep is made of hard solid plastic and is 1 7/8 inches long. It has detailed fur and hooves. Our plastic animals come tested and approved from the manufacturers and are safe. this toy sheep replica fits nicely into a shoe box diorama, a manger scene, or a farm animal collection. Check out our other sheep toys and gifts.

About Sheep

Domestic sheep (Ovis aries) is a cud-chewing herd animal kept all over the world as livestock. There are over 1 billion sheep mostly in Australia, New Zealand and the British Isles, but herds abound in South America as well. Sheep are used for milk production, meat, and wool. A group of sheep is called a herd or flock, the female is called a ewe, a male is called a ram or tup, a castrated male , a weather, and the young are lambs. Sheep have played a large role as mythological figures and were commonly used as the animal of choice in sacrifices.

Stuffed plush platypus

While we're talking about platypuses (see previous post), we might as well mention our very popular stuffed platypus. We were out of stock for awhile, but we have them back in the store and ready to ship - there is still time to order for Christmas!

Both of our PLASTIC PLATYPUS(ES) are back in stock!

We have three different plastic platypuses in our online store, and two have been out of stock for a few weeks. Today BOTH are again available and ready to ship! As of today, there is still time to receive them when shipped inside the U.S., and there may be time to receive them overseas, depending on the shipping method.

Whether you like the top platypus, or the one in the bottom picture, come on over and look at them both. In addition, we have one that's gray plastic and a bit larger. Or, if you're looking for a stuffed plush platypus, we have that, too!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little chipmunk finger puppet with attitude!

Chipmunk Finger Puppet Can't you just imagine this little chipmunk being used as a character in a puppet show or during kids' playtime?

Our Chipmunk

This engaging, realistic-looking stuffed chipmunk finger puppet is soft and sturdy. It is 4 inches tall and has a 4 1/2 inch long tail. The fur is light brown plush fabric with a black and white stripe. The feet and ears are made of a finely-textured, flexible felt. The tail is long and fluffy. All materials are of the quality and style that make Folkmanis products famous. Our chipmunk replica has a kindly expression and promises not to scurry away. This miniature chipmunk finger puppet makes a nice pet, a gift, or toy for children or adults and could work well for a school play or show-and-tell as a school science project. Check out our other chipmunk toys and gifts.

About Chipmunks

Chipmunks are small squirrel-like rodents of the genus Tamias. They are native to North America and Asia. Chipmunks are omnivorous, feeding on seeds, grains, and small frogs and insects. These rodents live in burrows, where they store food for the winter or create larders near the burrow. They keep their burrows clean and well organized. Chipmunks play an important role in the forest, since they disperse seeds and are an excellent food source for predatory animals such as raptors, cats, and coyotes.

Christmas Shipping Info

Do you need a stuffed bedbug for that Special Someone?

Tapir and Friends Animal Store

CHRISTMAS SHIPPING: Note for December 16 ~ We ship same or next day.

USA: We are still shipping Priority Mail (cheapest option) in the U.S. for delivery before Christmas.

OVERSEAS: We recommend Global Express, although Global Priority (cheaper) may be on time (not guaranteed).

Call for overseas rates (503) 338-8646 or send e-mail.

Stuffed flying squirrel - here he comes!

Stuffed Flying Squirrel Our Fiesta stuffed flying squirrel is turning out to be a big favorite this year! We still have some left as of this posting, so get them while they're hot! This one appears to be read to fly right out the door from our place to yours! It is affordably priced for this year's economy!

This engaging, realistic-looking flying squirrel is soft and cuddly. The fur is lighter brown than in the photo and constrasts wonderfully with the squirrel's bright white underside. It has pink and tan fabric ears with dark markings along the rim. It has a light pink fabric nose with detailed nostrils. Our stuffed flying squirrel also has tickly whiskers. The cheeks, mouth and toes are carefully stitched. This flying squirrel makes a nice pet, or fits perfectly into a squirrel collection. Check out our other flying squirrel toys and gifts.

The word "flying squirrel" is a general term referring to a group of squirrels in the family Sciuridae. The flying squirrel does not actually fly, but glides from tree to tree. Steering is accomplished by adjusting the webbing in its large wing-like arms. The flying squirrel's tail serves as a stabilizer. The squirrel generally has a short lifespan since it is prey to domestic cats, raccoons and owls.

Stuffed coati, anyone?

Our cute little coatimundi is ready to travel! Wouldn't he make a great holiday gift for someone you love?

A member of the racoon family, coatimundis (Nasua nasua) are found from southern North American to South America. Their double-jointed, flexible ankles make them expert tree climbers with the ability to climb down trees head first. At 17-26 inches in length and 7-13 pounds, the coati is approximately the size of a large house cat. Male coatis, which are larger than females, prefer a solitary life, while females live together in bands of 4 to 20 animals. Their thick, coarse fur is brownish colored with a lighter underbelly. The long, non-prehensile tail, used for balance and signaling, is bushy and usually has faint rings. Pale patches on the cheeks and around the eyes mark the characteristic long slender head. The tip of their pointed, flexible muzzle is upturned slightly enabling them to search under overturned debris and leaf litter for food. Their short, powerful legs and the strong claws of their bear-like paws are perfect for tearing into rotted logs or hanging upside down from tree branches while eating. Like racoons, they are very curious and mischievous creatures as well as intelligent and highly social.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pink Flamingo stuffed bird

Beautiful, affordable, and brand new in our online store:

Our Stuffed Pink Flamingo

Our stuffed pink flamingo is a lovely representation of one of the most beautiful birds. This plush flamingo replica was designed as part of the popular Audubon Birds Series by Wild Republic. Not surprisingly, it's in the "Weaters' Edge" series. Our stuffed flamingo has bright eyes and a distinct long beak. As with all of Wild Republic's toys, this flamingo meets the most stringent current standards of safety for children's toys. All parts are non-toxic and surface washable. Check out our other flamingo toys and gifts.

About Pink Flamingos

The hang tag on our pink flamingo replica says: "Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber). Creating some of nature's most visually spectacular colonies, Greater Flamingos nest in groups with thousands of birds! Their fluorescent pink color comes from eating algae, crustaceans (such as crabs and shrimp) and mollusks (such as snails and slugs). Male and female flamingoes build their nests together using mud. While common in Florida, they can also be found in Southern Europe, India, Africa and the Caribbean.

New look for our stuffed fawn by Hansa

Surprises are always around the corner! I've just taken a new photo of our popular and very realistic-looking stuffed fawn by Hansa. The deer measures 23 3/4 inches from the front hooves to the tip of its little tail. In the old model, the head was looking toward us in this same position, almost like it was going to stand up. In the new model, the fawn seems to be resting. The fur is as soft as ever, and the fawn's head has beautiful, natural, deer-like structure.

We think this stuffed fawn toy is exceptional. It is so lifelike and compelling, you almost won't believe it's a stuffed toy and not the real thing. Although it is made of synthetic materials, it looks real. This wonderfully detailed baby deer measures 23 3/4 inches long, 9 1/2 inches wide and 13 inches high to the tips of the ears. The designer of this unique line of stuffed animals takes pride in the European heritage of his realistic animal design. Each piece is hand-cut and stitched.

This is not your ordinary stuffed animal. Our plush deer baby has the charm and quality you'll want to keep for a lifetime. It is the kind of toy your child will remember for years to come. It is the kind of "pet" a young child will want to name and create his or her own stories about.

The literature says, "The magical kingdom of Hansa plush was originally created for the most exclusive European clientele. Europeans have treasured these lifelike heirloom creatures for over twenty years. . . . Each Hansa piece is a handcrafted masterpiece, lovingly designed from portraits of real animals. The 'skin' for each of these marvelous beasts is hand-cut and trimmed, never stamped out by machine. The fabric for spotted and striped animals is custom designed and specially manufactured in small lots to Hansa's exacting specifications."

If you're looking for an animal and don't find it on our site, please write to us. To find our other Hansa stuffed toy animals, or see our entire inventory of stuffed animals, stuffed beanies and plush hand puppets, check out our Stuffed Animals Page. See our terrific selection of deer, elk and moose toys and gifts.

Tiger Portrait Jewelry

Our new Tiger Head Portrait Pin is outstanding! Look at the detail you get in a one-inch wide piece of jewelry! These pins are hand-cast and hand-painted in the state of Washington. Tigers are one of the "charismatic megafauna" that conservationists are most concerned about. Their numbers are diminishing, in part due to habitat loss. There are other complex reasons, but wouldn't we all hate to see such a magnificent animal disappear? You can help support wildlife conservation by purchasing this jewelry. Here at the Tapir Preservation Fund, we help fund projects in tiger habitat as well as in tapir habitat on the island of Sumatra. Whether you are concerned about conservation or you simply love tigers, your purchase of this unique tiger jewelry will put a smile on many faces!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stuffed toy louse

Stuffed Toy Louse Did you ever expect that a louse could be cute? Whether you buy our stuffed plush louse as a gag gift (as in "You louse!") or for someone with an interest in these animals such as a veterinarian, we think you'll be pleased with this unusual little guy! In addition to toy lice, we also have stuffed toy fleas, mosquitoes, bedbugs, maggots, and much more. Come on over and check them out!

Our horseshoe crab jewelry has a whole new design

Horseshoe Crab Pin Our hand-made (hand-painted, hand-cast) horseshoe crab pin has a whole new design! It looks more lifelike than ever, and certainly will make a unique gift for someone who loves sea life or horseshoe crabs in particular! Come on over and check out our unusual hand-painted animal jewelry! This horse shoe crab is only one of the many delightful pieces we have in stock for you. And if you're looking to buy something made in the USA, this line of jewelry could fit the bill. It's designed and made in the state of Washington by craftspeople who love and study animals, fish, birds, and the very unusual critters like this horseshoe crab!

New stuffed stingray

Stuffed Stingray Our new stuffed stingray is a beautiful gold color on top and is exceptionally soft to touch and cuddle. It measures 26 inches across and is 30 inches long from nose to tail.

Our Stuffed Jumbo Atlantic Stingray

This colorful, educational stuffed jumbo atlantic stingray is made of soft plush fabric. This replica has a detailed tan body with some distinct ridges. It is just over 26 inches wide and 30 inches long from head to the tip of its soft flexible tail. It promises not to sting! It serves well for a school project, for a stuffed animal collection, gag gift or as a decoration. This Atlantic stingray stuffed toy would also make a great, cuddly pet. Check out our other stingray toys and gifts.

About Atlantic Stingrays

The Atlantic Stingray (Dasyatis sabina) is a species of stingray found on the Atlantic coast of North America which is distinguished by a large snout. It can also be found cruising brackish waters in tidal estuaries where it feeds on small crustaceans, molusks and worms. It is a docile animal, but when stepped on, it can inflict a bad sting from thorns on its tail spine. Atlantic stingrays have no commercial value but are often come into nets as incidental catch of flounder fishermen.

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