Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stuffed coati, anyone?

Our cute little coatimundi is ready to travel! Wouldn't he make a great holiday gift for someone you love?

A member of the racoon family, coatimundis (Nasua nasua) are found from southern North American to South America. Their double-jointed, flexible ankles make them expert tree climbers with the ability to climb down trees head first. At 17-26 inches in length and 7-13 pounds, the coati is approximately the size of a large house cat. Male coatis, which are larger than females, prefer a solitary life, while females live together in bands of 4 to 20 animals. Their thick, coarse fur is brownish colored with a lighter underbelly. The long, non-prehensile tail, used for balance and signaling, is bushy and usually has faint rings. Pale patches on the cheeks and around the eyes mark the characteristic long slender head. The tip of their pointed, flexible muzzle is upturned slightly enabling them to search under overturned debris and leaf litter for food. Their short, powerful legs and the strong claws of their bear-like paws are perfect for tearing into rotted logs or hanging upside down from tree branches while eating. Like racoons, they are very curious and mischievous creatures as well as intelligent and highly social.

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