Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stuffed mountain lion (cougar, puma) is back in stock!

Our beautiful and popular stuffed mountain lion (cougar, puma) is back in stock. We're happy to see him perched in his old spot again looking down on our showroom and surprising customers! He's also available for shipping. See our stuffed mountain lion here! At 21 inches long, he's quite huggable. He also makes a good "guard cat" for a child's room. Thanks!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Exquisite red fox hand-painted jewelry (pin)

We have ONE fox pin left, and this is the last we can get. I'm sorry the scan is kind of green. The fox is a beautifully melded orange and yellow with black feet and some white on the underside. It seems to be a color variation of the red fox, and it's absolutely beautiful. We have this pin in our online gift shop and as of today and tomorrow, it can still be shipped in time for Christmas. This can make a beautiful, memorable gift or a collector's item!

Plastic prehistoric animal toys still shipping for Christmas!

This woolly mammoth puzzle is among the interesting prehistoric animals available in our online gift shop. They are in stock as of this posting and available for shipping in time for Christmas (along with many other animals we have in 3-D puzzle format!). In the US, we ship by Priority mail, which should take only 2-4 days to arrive, as we ship the same day we get your order.

Deinosuchus may look like a crocodile or alligator, but he's one of their ancient relatives.

Andrewarchus is a very strange "cat"! In fact, he's not a cat at all - or a dog - but is more closely related to hoofed animals. Look at those jaws! He was a hoofed predator - what an interesting toy to help a child to learn about life on Earth!

This is one of the saber tooth cats in our store. He's a puzzle you our your child (grandchild, etc.) can put together and take apart again. We also have a beautiful sabertooth cat that isn't a puzzle. Come have a look!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tree frog hand-painted pins

These tree frog pins make memorable gifts! You will be sure to receive compliments on these beautifully-colored pieces of wearable art jewelry! Come visit our frog page to order today. There is still time to have them shipped for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walter the Friendly Crocodile - a great stuffed toy for Christmas!

Walter the Friendly stuffed crocodile needs a home for Christmas! We have Walter in stock and ready to ship. There is still time by our regular Priority mail shipping. Order now. Our site is safe and secure and we'll ship your stuffed crocodile the same day or next day from when we get your order. He's soft, a bit squishy, and very cuddly. You'll love him!

Life-sized Stuffed Toy Dog - Doberman Pinscher or Rottweiler - FOR REFERENCE ONLY - THIS DOG IS GONE!

SOLD! NO LONGER AVAILABLE . . . Our hand-made stuffed plush dog is either a doberman or a rottweiler, or perhaps a mixture of the two. It is sturdy and strong and would make a "tremendous" gift for a child. This stuffed toy dog is 40 inches long from front paws to short tail. It was hand made in the USA for our online gift shop, but we haven't had a chance to put it online. We're hoping you'll call and take him home for Christmas! It would be a perfect and unforgettable gift for a child who loves dogs. It's huge, and lovable and doesn't require care-taking like a real dog! It's brand new, has not been used. Call Sheryl, Sue, or Lee at (503) 325-3179 or Sheryl at (503) 338-8646. We take credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

There is a velcro-closed pouch inside the dog's chest where you can store small treasures such as a small diary, small toys, secret notes and the like. It's made very sturdily by someone who is used to sewing costumes, stuffed animals and other creative large pieces that have to hold together well. A child could sit on this stuffed dog and not damage it.

This dog is priced to sell at $50.00, or make us an offer . . . we need the floor space! Give us a call toll free at (888) 325-3179 or (503) 338-8646. This could be fun!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Stuffed animal ferrets for Christmas!

Lots of people love these furry, friendly, mischievous animals! We have stuffed toy ferrets in two color combinations - dark sable with a light tan face, and the light-gray "black-footed ferret" with dark brown feet. Take either or take both! They are a delight for your ferret-loving friends or kids!

How about camel jewelry for Christmas?

Our beautiful hand-painted camel pin is a winner! You can order it online in our gift shop! The finish is hard and durable. It has the durability of the pewter it is made of, but looks and feels more the smooth finish of china.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Adorable Leopard Cub stuffed animal by Hansa

Our leopard cub by Hansa is soft and adorable. It's eyes have a bright, gold shine to them, and its fur is cuddly and cozy. The nose is made of pink plastic. The leopard cub has large feet for its size, just like a real baby leopard. It measures 16 inches long from its front paws to the base of its tail. The tail, which usually curls around the cub, adds another 10 inches if you pull it out straight.

This stuffed animal has all the quality and individuality you expect with one of Hansa's creations. Hansa is known for its "close to nature" replicas of the world's favorite animals. You can buy this cute and snuggly stuffed baby toy leopard from our online store: Tapir and Friends. As of today, we have only two left in stock!

Amazingly real STUFFED LYNX from Hansa!

This stuffed lynx is truly something else! We got one in the shop for a customer, and we liked it so much we ordered one for ourselves - but not to keep! We got it to share with other lynx- and bobcat-lovers, and that's exactly what we're going to do! This stuffed links wants a permanent home for the holidays. When we stay "stuffed lynx," we do NOT mean taxidermied! This toy linx is made by Hansa of synthetic fur and fabric, but it's made to look like a real animal.

I've taken a picture of this lynx in our own showroom, and you can get some idea of what it could look like in your home - your child's room, an adult's animal collection, or just about anywhere. It is really special. Note the long black ear-tufts, just like a real lynx. The paws are made to look like real cats' feet, the eyes are bright and shiny and full of color, and the fur is SOFT, and the body is 23 inches long from nose to tail. The front paws add another couple of inches. (Keep scrolling. . . .)

The price of this Hansa stuffed lynx toy or plush collectible wild cat is $140.00 plus shipping. Shipping in the USA, Canada and Mexico, APO and FPO is $14.00 by Priority mail. For overseas, contact us for the shipping rate.

Since this toy lynx is not yet set up in our online gift shop, please call to order: toll free (888) 325-3179 or cell phone (503) 338-8646. From overseas, call (503) 325-3179 or send us e-mail! Calling is probably the simplest way, but we also have a special item order form, and you can type in the name of the item and the amount and shipping will be added and you can enter your credit or debit card the same as for any of the other items in our store. Thanks for visiting us! ~ Sheryl

Stuffed aardvark by Hansa - wonderful stuffed animal!

As of today, they are still in stock and ready to ship to arrive before Christmas in the US by our regular Priority shipping - and overseas (hopefully) with expedited shipping.

Our stuffed aardvark by Hansa is really something special. Our wonderfully realistic-looking stuffed aardvark by Hansa is a toy that looks amazingly like a real animal. The plush aardvark is 12 1/2 inches from nose to rump. Its tail adds another 10 inches to its length, and the pink fabric-covered tongue is posable and holds its position when you move it. The tongue is about 1 1/2 inches long. It is sewn with soft plush fabric with extra-soft white tufts around the eyes, ears, and chin. There are four toes on each front foot and five toes on each back foot. This is a good thing, because aardvarks are known for digging! It has gentle hard plastic eyes (black pupils with a ring of gold for the iris) pinkish brown inside the ears. Our stuffed aardvark replica has a kindly expression and promises to snuggle next to you. This aardvark makes a wonderful gift for stuffed animal lovers and complements nicely any stuffed animal collection. The fabric is produced in small batches and is chosen especially for this animal. Each piece is hand-stictched in the Philippines by crafters willing to produce a unique item each and every time. Check out our other aardvark toys and gifts.

Read more about Hansa stuffed animals and see our selection.

Aardvarks (Orycteropus afer) are African mammals of a medium size that are most active at night and are good at burrowing into the earth. Their name, "aardvark," comes from the Afrikaans/Dutch language and means "earth pig." This unusual-looking animal has many names locally, including "antbear" or "anteater," although it is not a close relative of the anteaters of South America. Neither is it closely related to a pig, but is somewhat isolated taxonomically and is the only member of the order Tubulidentata. It is not a true edetate, although we've listed it with our edentates on the web site so that people could find it. As odd as it sounds, the aardvark is most closely related to elephant shrews, hyraxes, tenrecs and elephants. If we had put the aardvark in our elephant category, would you have found it? It's a strange thought!

Eastern Bluebird painted pin (hand-made animal jewelry)

This hand-painted Eastern Bluebird Pin is just one of our outstanding collection of cast pewter hand-painted pins. (The white marks on the head and shoulders are reflections from the scan - the surface is lacquered for durability and feels more like china than like metal.) These mini works of art are durable, very user-friendly and super collectible! We have so many pins they aren't all online in our gift shop yet! You can call us toll free at (888) 325-3179 for details and ordering, or you may see the pin you want on the hand-painted pin page of our web site. We also have a lot of our painted pins in our Painted Pins web album online.

Beautiful stuffed animal lying cheetah - Zoology 101 collectible

We have one or two of these beautiful stuffed cheetahs left in stock and then they are gone! The manufacturer has discontinued their high-quality line of stuffed animals, so this is all we can get. They are a much-loved brand: Zoology 101, and have become collectors' items. The cat is just beautiful, big enough to be huggable by adults as well as children. The tail is long and soft. This is a must-see for lovers of cheetahs and other big cats! At 21 inches long, this cheetah makes a special gift!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Toy grizzly bears

Bears for the holidays! Everyone loves bears. We have two nice grizzly bears you can use for stocking stuffers - our flocked toy plastic grizzly bear has an adorable expression and an unusual surface. Although he's made of hollow plastic, his fur is made of fuzzy flocking. He's cute, light-weight, not too big, and the price is affordable.

Below is our plastic grizzly bear. It's also a nice companion, decoration, or gift for the holidays!

We even have bear eyeglass holders (Peeper Keepers) although these are brown-colored black bears, not grizzlies. Come see our plastic and other toy bears at Tapir and Friends Wildlife World!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stuffed catfish soft toy - a few more still available!

Here he is - stuffed, sassy, and ready for a new home! These stuffed blue catfish have been super-popular this year, and we have only a few left. Get yours while they're hot (er . . . cold?). Our plush catfish toy is a winner, and once they're gone, they're gone forever. The manufacturer has decided to discontinue them, and the ones we have in stock now are all we can get! Of you love catfish or know someone who likes them, don't miss out!

Dragon and Unicorn Pins - hand made, hand pained - unique holiday gifts!

If you know a fan of dragons and/or unicorns and are looking for a very special Christmas or Hanukkah gift - check out our hand-made painted pewter pins. You can order them now from Tapir and Friends Wildlife World online! This fantasy jewelry could be a great gift for players of D&D type games, readers of fantasy novels, or those who simply enjoy the images of dragons and unicorns.

We also have lots of other animal jewelry in stock - realistic painted jewelry depicting real animals! Check out our many dog breeds, cats, wild animals, fish, aquatic animals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Parrot toys and gifts for the holidays!

Our parrot ballpoint pen may be the pefect stocking stuffer for your bird-crazed friends and family.

We have a beautiful assortment of realistic parrot toys and gifts for the holidays - from lifelike hand-made stuffed parrots made by Hansa to a small, inexpensive plastic parrot. Come see the assortment in our online gift shop!

This little plastic parrot is affordable for sure and is quite realistic looking.

Above you can see a selection of our wonderful painted parrot pins! This striking parrot jewelry is hand-cast in pewter in the USA and hand-painted in the US as well. It's finished with a durable laquer, making it look and feel like china rather than like metal, but it has the durable quality of metal. If you don't see the color combination you want on our web site, call us toll free at (888) 325-3179 and we'll tell you what's in stock on the day you order. As they are hand made, there is infinite variety!

This is our parrot eyeglass holder or Peeper Keeper. And 2008 may be the last year we're able to get them. Order now to make sure you get yours. They are very popular!

Here's an enlarged photo of one of the parrot painted pins. The details make them such a delight to see and to own.

Tapir and Friends Wild Animal World web site

(888) 325-3179

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dinosaur Holiday Gifts

Here are a few of our dinosaur toys and gifts available for the holidays. As of today, there is plenty of time to ship for Christmas and Hanukkah. We ship the same or next day, and our standard shipping is Priority mail in the US and First Class International outside the US. If you order now, you could have your dinosaurs within two to four or five days!

The top two pictures show two of our selection of interesting dinosaur 3D plastic puzzles. See more in our online store!

This nice red t-rex and the green one below are actually hand-painted pins, to be worn on a blouse, shirt, cap, hat, etc.

You can see more of our cast pewter hand-painted animal pins in our online gift shop and in our animal jewelry web album. If you have trouble finding the item you want, call us toll free at (888) 325-3179. Have fun with the dinosaurs!

A groundhog with attitude! Come see our Hansa stuffed groundhog! New in our store!

Are you a fan of Groundhog Day (either the movie or the day itself)? Do you know someone who is? This could be the perfect holiday gift or collector's item. Our Hansa stuffed plush groundhog has tons of personality and is made for the discerning collector of realistic stuffed animals. You can see our new stuffed groundhog/woodchuck/marmot in Tapir and Friends online gift shop!

Painted animal jewelry - brand new pin styles in stock!

We have a number of new pin styles online for you to choose from. These are available today and ready to ship! The camel is a new scan of our older camel, but the pelican on a post is brand new. It also comes in white, and I'm working on that scan today. The detailing, color and styling of these pins are outstanding! They make wonderful gifts and collectors' items for animal fans, fisherman (we have a lot of fish styles), etc.

The "golden retrievers" come in red and gold. We have one of each in stock at this moment, and one (we're not sure which yet) may be spoken for. As I type this, I'm in the process of scanning more of our beautiful hand-painted pins that are in stock but not yet online. We'll keep you posted! If you are looking for a unique gift that will be treasured for a long time to come, check out the pins in our web album and on our web site. If you don't see the one you want, call us to see if we have it in stock: (888) 325-3179.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Painted animal pins make great holiday gifts!

Our painted animal pins are absolutely gorgeous pieces of animal jewelry for humans! If basset hounds or Skye terriers are your cup of tea, you're in luck. Come see these unique, hand-painted pins at Tapir and Friends online gift shop.

We also carry wild animals, cats, farm animals, sea creatures, fish, birds, and more. If you don't see the animal you want, please ask! Although it's too late to get animals custom painted before Christmas, we do have a huge inventory of painted pins ready to go. If you don't see the one you want on our web site, check out our Picasa Painted Pins Web Album and give us a call. We were not able to get them all online before the holiday rush - and if it's not in the web album, call anyway - we may not have had time to scan your favorite animal! Call toll free (888) 325-3179.

Big, cuddly stuffed mammoth hand puppet

Once again, mammoths are hot this year! Check out our big, cuddly stuffed mammoth plush hand puppet! It works equally well as a puppet or as a hairy stuffed toy animal. The tusks are soft and made of plastic, something like Naugahide, so they can't hurt children. The face is lovable. Come see this mammoth or mastadon and our other woolly mammoth toys and gifts at Tapir and Friends . . . and take home a new friend! We also carry other interesting Ice Age animal toys.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What's up with the cute opossum finger puppets?

This adorable opossum finger puppet has been selling like crazy this season. The good news is, we've just received another shipment, so we have lots of them ready to go! Most likely, they'll ship the same day your order comes in. The fur is downy soft, and the tail is looped with velcro on it so the opossum can hang from just about anything you can loop it onto. See them in Tapir and Friends online gift shop!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mountain tapir holiday "Peace" card (etc.)

This is the perfect season to show your attitude and your teriffic taste as well! What could be better than a tapir to represent peace and tranquility this holiday season? Personally, I love the Andean cap he's wearing. . . . Come see this charming mountain tapir and other tapir designs by Mary Beaird in our CafePress tapir store! She donated her artwork to help you help us save tapirs! As always, your purchase helps support tapir conservation. Don't forget to scroll down the page to Mary's "Silent Night" design! It is awesome!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Detailed and delicious - hand-painted jewelry depicting animals of all types!

Realistic hand-painted animal jewelry (jewelry for people made in the shape of animals!) is one of our specialties. We work with some extremely talented artists who cast the pins in pewter, then paint them in a variety of real-life colors.

From butterflies to dogs to salamanders and more, we have loads of inventory ready to ship. Please check out our web site! Here is the painted animal jewelry page, just for you! If you don't see what you want, let us know. We may have it still packed away and ready to put online.

Aren't these colors spectacular? I love this salamander pin!

Caracal cat jewelry

This striking caracal cat pendant was made by request for one of our customers. We charged the regular price of our hand-made jewelry by Corinna Bechko with the understanding that we would be using the design for others interested in caracals. You can pick from a selection of colored lightweight but durable aluminum for the animal's body, and you can choose a bead color for the earrings and pendants. Of course, the pins don't come with a bead, but the design can be made as a pin also. Check out our page and contact us if the caracal is the one you want. We haven't gotten this design online yet. You'll find our contact information on the web page, and we will get your item made up and shipped ASAP!

Beautiful RED carved wood armadillos - palo de sangre wood, unique art made in Colombia

We have three new lovely carved wood armadillos in our online gift shop! All are hand-carved in Colombia, and all are ready to ship in the US or around the world. As I started writing this blog post, we had four, but somebody bought one quickly! See and purchase one of these exceptional carvings on our armadillo page at Tapir and Friends or call toll-free (888) 325-3179. They come in several shades of red and they are gorgeous!

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