Friday, February 29, 2008

Loads of new beanie babies in our online store

We've been collecting pre-loved beanies for you again, and we finally got a chance to list them on our web site. Please come take a look at our beanie baby page. We've got the traditional Ty Beanie Babies at US $4.00 each, Teenie Beanie Babies at $4.00 each, Beanie Buddies at $5.00 each, Ty Attic Treasures at $4.00 each and one Pluffies at $5.00. When you get to the page, scroll down to the long list and . . . have fun! We are not collectors in that we don't price them by value. We price all the same in each category (Teenies, Beanie Buddies, etc.). Often our patrons are young children who just want a cute stuffed animal for a reasonable price, and these certainly are cute! Other times collectors will find us to fill in their collections of harder-to-find animals. Everyone is welcome! There was one sad case where a lawnmower had ended the life of Nutsy the Squirrel, and we were thrilled when we could help two very sad boys replace Nutsy. When Nutsy arrived at his new home, he found that he already had a house with a Nutsy-sized bed, furniture, toys and playmates. The happy conclusion to the story made our day!

Fast shipping!

Thanks! We actually already received the package - your company is awesome!

~ Brigid in California

Toy animals for sanity and a good cause

Hi, You have some neat stuff and I have told friends about your merchandise. Also I like supporting your good cause. Keep the faith and fine intentions in this cockamamie world.

Very sincerely, ~ Kathryn in snowy NH

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hansa stuffed mammoth - reduced price on overstocks

We are featuring this totally delightful stuffed mammoth at a special reduced price until our overstock is sold out. As of this post date, we have approximately five of these beauties available at $52.00. They typically sell from between about $60.00 and $65.00 depending on the retailer. You've seen several sizes online. This is the 16-inch-long, 12-inch tall version. If, after our overstock is cleared, we re-stock this beautiful Hansa stuffed mammoth, our prices will return to the typical price. This is a golden opportunity to acquire one of these charming hand-made stuffed animals! To order see our Hansa stuffed mammoth page or call (503) 325-3179 in Astoria, Oregon.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Plastic crab discontinued

We're sorry to see this one go! This plastic crab has been with us for quite a few years until it was finally discontinued by the manufacturer. The last one in stock sold this week. The crab's item number was F205, which means it was the 205th item added to our inventory. Since we're now in the 1600s, that indicates a long and fruitful history. The good news is, we have lots of other crabs to choose from. And interestingly, as I just checked the inventory list to see what our latest number was, I discovered that F1680 (the most recent) is also a crab. It's been ordered, but it hasn't arrived yet. It will be different from and much bigger than our old friend F205. It's orange with linear markings on it, and I'll let you know when it gets here! Crabs continue to be among our most popular replicas. For a post on how we feel about losing our favorite animals, see this post!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It must have been a very hungry beagle


Thanks for keeping me informed. PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT delete the sabertooth tiger from the order! By all means, yes, proceed as planned. I have a devastated two-year-old and a beagle that is in a lot of hot water for chewing on the sabertooth tiger we ordered from you last December! (I will let the dog know it will only be a couple of extra days and he'll be back in good graces with the boss again). I appreciate you letting us know!

Again, thank you. ~ Barb in Illinois

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flocked Plastic Bear

I wanted to feature this little guy because, frankly, he gets overlooked. Maybe, being a flocked toy, he's neither fish nor fowl (in this case, neither [exactly] a plastic toy nor a stuffed animal). I think he's adorable, with his quizzical look and querying yellow-green eyes. His nose is somewhat detailed with small nostrils and a bearish look. His fur, of course, is brown and fuzzy. This bear is hollow, so it's light weight. It stands nicely on all four feet. If you want one, you can order online. If you want a couple of dozen, give us a call at (503) 325-3179 in Astoria, Oregon. Click on the bear for a larger view!

Stunning, colorful gecko jewelry - choose one of ours or create your own!

This beautifully gecko pin is one of the most colorful in our collection of hand-painted animal jewelry. I took the photo the other night and have not had a chance to put it online in the store yet. You can order by calling (503) 325-3179 (Astoria, Oregon, USA: West Coast Time). Each hand-painted pin is US $29.00. They also come in various metallic finishes such as the gold plated gecko shown below. The metallic-finish animals are $10.00 each.

For more types of these gorgeous pieces of animal jewelry, see our online gift shop! You can also order the gecko online from this link. When you get to the animal jewelry page, just scroll down and type its description in the order box. We take most credit cards and PayPal. Want to see one more uniquely painted gecko pin? Here you go! Or design your own colors. Simple color descriptions cost no more than the pre-painted jewelry. Super-cusom work from a photo is also possible but may cost a few dollars more. E-mail us for info!

Beautiful plastic jaguars: discontinued, last chance to buy!

Spotted jaguar: 1 left, US $14.00

Black jaguar: 5 left, US $14.00
Buy online

Our two beautiful plastic snarling jaguars have been discontinued by the manufacturer. They are made of strong, durable PVC and are so nicely shaped and detailed that we consider them among our "museum-quality" animals, and we hate to see them disappear. They make wonderful props for school reports and projects, children's educational toys, additions to your animal collection, or gifts for a cat fancier. Both varieties have been selling fast. The quantities in stock are as of the date and time of this post, though I'll try to update as needed. Buy through the links above or call (503) 325-3179 (Oregon, USA, West Coast Time Zone).

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Animal jewelry: hippo

This hand-painted hippo jewelry comes in brown or gray for $29.00 each. You can even have one pained any color you like for no extra charge! We also carry them in a variety of metal finishes for $10.00 each. Order online or read more about these unique pins or tie tacks on our Tapir and Friends Painted Animal Jewelry page.

Fast service!

I was so pleased with how quickly you filled my order. Thank you very much for excellent customer service. ~ Debra in North Carolina

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hand-painted hedgehog jewelry

Isn't this little pin adorable? It's originally cast in pewter and hand painted in the US. It can be used as a pin or tie tack, and has two stick-pins on the back with pinch clasps. You can order it painted or in various metal finishes. Please come see this hedgehog and our other incredible painted animal jewelry designs in Tapir and Friends Wildlife World Online. I'll be featuring these and other cool animal jewelry on this blog. We have SO so many unique, gorgeous pieces.

It's going to take some time to get them all online (and probably re-design the animal jewelry portion of the web site), so I'll continue featuring some of them here as I take their photos. If you don't see the animal you want, please ask! New painted animal jewelry designs are being made every day! You can also call us (West Coast time in the US) at: (503) 325-3179. Talk to you soon!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Stuffed hedgehog - super soft stuffed animal with a price reduced to sell! Was $21.00, now $15.00!

Order hedgehog now or keep on reading . . .

Stuffed HedgehogThis adorable stuffed hedgehog is SOFT, SOFT, SOFT! Even his plastic toes are flexible and soft. The fur on his belly, feet and face is satiny and smooth. The fur on his body is long and soft. He's a bit squishy, which makes him easy for a child to squeeze, and he sits up with no effort at all. The plush hedgehog's beady eyes are inquisitive and endearing. He can be yours for only $15.00 plus $6.00 shipping in the US, Canada and Mexico. We also ship anywhre in the world. Overseas shipping is the actual post office rate plus $2.00 for the box and handling. What a deal! Click here to order your stuffed hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are incredibly popular right now. Our Plumpee used to sell out as fast as we could get him in, but recently he's become somewhat of an underHOG. His value has not waned, but we've priced him more competitively for faster sales. Once he is gone, he's gone forever. Take one home to your favorite hedgehog fan or add him to your collection now! You can see all of our hedgehog toys and gifts here!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Election year jewelry: donkeys for Democrats

In this exciting campaign yer, our hand-painted jewelry (animal pins and tie tacks) includes a variety of beautiful donkey jewelry perfect for the democrat in your life! These great pins or tie tacks can be worn by both men and women. Think scarves and lapels, fishing caps, hatbands, and even (yes) a bold statement on a tie! Check out these stick-pin donkeys along with our other animal jewelry at Tapir and Friends Wildlife World. Or call (503) 325-3179 in Astoria, Oregon. We also have elephants for Republicans. More on that in an upcoming post.

Which animal toy or gift was our biggest seller in January?

This colorful plastic fish (squirting clown trigger fish) was far and away the best selling item from our gift shop in January. The Fish and Wildlife Department from a country other than the US took 1,000, and we sold our last seven to other customers. Here is the link, but we won't have them back in stock until April 2008. If you absolutely need squirting fish, we do have two colors of 9-inch plastic salmon in stock. They're good for the bathtub and other play areas.

Our next most-sold toy in January was this unusual blue-gray plastic alligator. Its color is a bit weird, but the details are very nice. If the color is an issue, paint him green!

Check out this and other more naturally-colored toy alligators and crocodiles in Tapir and Friends online store.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Awesome service

Awesome service! Thanks, Sue! ~ Shelly in Texas

. . . And thank you, Shelly! We love to hear your comments. We'll try to post a lot more customer comments before this decade is over!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Beautiful Animal Jewelry for Valentine's Day!

These gorgeous and unique hand-painted pieces of animal jewelry would make a Valentine's Day gift never to be forgotten! Scroll down or visit our web site.

The butterfly, cat with kittens, pointer hunting dog, dolphins leaping, and white mouse are only a few of the hundreds we have in stock today.

Each piece is cast in pewter and hand painted. They can be used as pins for hats, lapels, or . . . it's up to you. They can also be used as larger, flamboyant tie tacks. In addition, many designs come in a smaller traditional tie tac size.

All pieces have two stick pins with pinch clasps on the back so they don't rotatate and have to be twisted back into position. Orient them the way you like and don't think about it again. Painted pins are $29.00 each (any design); the same styles are available in various metal finishes including natural pewter and a variety of metal plate finishes (bronze, gold, copper, silver). Not every pin is available in every finish. Each item should be considered a limited edition, although we have more of some than of others. Order now for Valentine's Day (503) 325-3179. You can also order online at Tapir and Friends. We ship same day. Ask for overnight shipping if needed.

Save the Whales Game

The petition seems to have been successful. Please enjoy playing the game!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Surplus plastic walruses ~ plastic toy walrus replicas available in singles or in bulk

Having a walrus party? Saving endangered walruses? Need plastic walruses in larger quantities? We have them! Check our selection of plastic walruses at Tapir and Friends online or give us a call at (503) 325-3179 (in the US).

With ice melting in the Arctic, the walruses are having a hard time. Below are a couple of links where you can read about these massive, unique animals. The Washington Post article describes one of the reasons the calves of these animals are currently in danger. The Sea World article gives about as much information on walruses as you could hope to find. Use Google's image search to find some fantastic photos of walruses.

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